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Cenote Fish Survey

Quintana Roo cave divers:

We are attempting to determine the frequency and effects of the cenote fish Astyanax mexicanus (also known as the Mexican tetra; see photograph below) following divers into caves and consuming rare cave adapted crustaceans. Please fill out the following survey for each dive you do and click the submit button to automatically e-mail us your information. We will compile this data and post the results on the CaveBiology.com website. Thank you for participating. For more information on this fish, see: Astyanax mexicanus


Your Name:       E-mail address:

Cenote:      Name of Cave System:

If lesser known cenote, list closest popular cenote or village:

Date of Dive:

Were Astyanax observed? Yes  No    If no, click submit at bottom of this page.

If yes, abundance in open cenote: less than 10  10 to 100  greater than 100

Did fish follow you into the cave zone? Yes  No

If yes, about how many?

Did you do anything to keep fish from following you? Yes  No

If yes, what did you do?

Was this effective? Yes  Somewhat  No

How many divers were in your dive team?

Was your dive into: the spring/inland side of cenote

                            the syphon/coastward side of cenote

                            do not know

Did fish follow you through a halocline? Yes  No  No halocline present

Did you do a traverse between cenotes? Yes  No

If yes, did fish follow you to the second cenote? Yes  No

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