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    Biotic Surveys and Inventories Program of the US National Science Foundation
    Our faunal survey of caves in the Bahamas is supported by the Biotic Surveys and Inventories Program of the National Science Foundation. This program focuses on collecting and recording the species-level diversity of life on earth as a prologue to investigations of patterns and processes and the development of plans for conservation of that diversity. Understanding biological diversity is essential for studies in environmental biology. Baseline knowledge of species-level biodiversity provides the foundation for analytical research in systematic and population biology, ecology, conservation and restoration biology, anthropology, physical geography, biological oceanography, paleobiology and other sciences. This baseline knowledge is also necessary for monitoring and assessing land-use patterns, global climate change, and the economic value of natural resources. Humanity is dependent on a diverse array of products obtained from wild species, on genetic diversity among wild relatives of domesticated species, and on the stability of natural ecosystems. All of these dependencies require the maintenance of biodiversity. Increasing rates of extinction of species, and the loss of knowledge of local species among indigenous peoples, have created an urgent need for scientific exploration to increase humanity's knowledge of species-level biodiversity across all organisms.

    Caribbean Marine Research Center
    Cave biology investigations in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas have been supported by a series of grants from CMRC. CMRC is one of six National Undersea Research Centers under the auspices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As part of NOAA's National Undersea Research Program, CMRC is charged with the responsibility for support of undersea research throughout the entire Caribbean region. Research programs supported by CMRC typically utilize some of the most sophisticated undersea technology available, including manned submersibles, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and both air and nitrox scuba diving. Over the past five years, CMRC-supported scientists have averaged nearly 4,000 scuba dives per year. During the same period, 547 submersible dives at depths from 30 to 305 meters conducted with the manned submersibles Nekton Gamma and Clelia. Additionally, a significant amount of support was provided for these operations using shipboard and land-based laboratory facilities.

    Ocean Explorer, Inc.
    Two to three Blue Hole cave diving expeditions per year will be conducted in various parts of the Bahamas on board the 55 foot M/V Ocean Explorer (OEX). The OEX is capable of carrying 8 divers, 4 crew and an array of exploration and scientific equipment to some of the most remote places in the Bahamas, while still allowing all of the comforts of a world class liveaboard. Cave dives on board the OEX run the gamut from long range, mixed gas, scooter, and side mount dives, to slowly fining down massive, single passage, fracture caves in conventional back mounted configuration.

    Secretary of Ecology, State of Yucatan, Mexico
    The Secretary of Ecology for the State of Yucatan has provided us with considerable logistical assistance concerning our biological investigations of Yucatan cenotes as part of their program to inventory cenotes and caves. This inventory is not limited to making a count of cenotes; but also to locate, register and classify these ecosystems according to biological, archaeological, historical, geological, anthropological, socio-economic and touristic criteria. In addition, the Secretary of Ecology annually sponsors an International Cave Diving Encounter in Merida.

    Logistic support for our cave diving investigations of cenotes along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula have been generously provided by Aquatech - Villa De Rosa. With modern and deluxe condos and villas are located south of the Cancun airport, Villas DeRosa has established itself as the favorite resort destination for cave and cavern divers visiting the New Frontier on the Yucatan Peninsula. The villas are located directly on the beach with breathtaking views of the Caribbean. The Aquatech Dive Center provides guide dives as well as training in cavern and cave diving.

    Advanced Diver Magazine
    Advanced Diver Magazine (ADM) provides detailed information on all aspects of technical diving including cave, deep, mixed gas, and wreck diving. High quality color photography and state of the art computer graphics present technical diving information in an effective and understandable way. ADM is an official sponsor of CaveBiology.com and has provided assistance and publicity of our research activities and field work.

    Dive Rite
    Dive Rite is a leading manufacturer of technical diving equipment including lighting systems, dive computers, regulators, dry suits, modular BC systems, and gas management products. Dive Rite is different from nearly any other diving equipment manufacturer -- and that difference is, they actually dive. Collectively, Dive Rite's top management personnel have well over 100 years of combined diving experience, representing tens of thousands of hours under water. During their dives, they use the same, off-the-shelf items that are available to their customers. The result is that Dive Rite equipment simply performs better. You don't have to be a cave, wreck or trimix diver to appreciate this difference, either. Dive Rite equipment works as well for recreational divers as it does for technical divers.

    Bare Divewear
    BARE Divewear offers the ultimate in fit, function and comfort. They produce a wide range of products to suit any dive activity, from compressed density drysuits and 7 mm wetsuits for cold water diving to shorties and jumpsuits for tropical diving. All Bare products provide outstanding exposure protection, comfort, and durability.

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