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Geoffrey A. Boxshall and Thomas M. Iliffe. 1987. Three new genera and five new species of misophrioid copepods (Crustacea) from anchialine caves on Indo-Wes Pacific and North Atlantic Islands. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 91:223-252.

Misophrioid copepods are described from anchialine caves on Palau, Western Caroline Islands and on Lanzarote, Canary Islands. A new species of Misophria, M. kororiensis sp. nov., is described based on material found in a submerged cave on Koror Island, Palau. A new genus, Expansophria gen. nov. , characterized by a distensible but unenclosed first pedigerous somite, is established for two new species. The type species, E. dimorpha sp. nov., was collected from a flooded lava tube (Jameos del Agua) on Lanzarote and the second species, E. apoda sp. nov., from a sinkhole on Ngeruktabel Island, Palau. Two other new genera are erected for new species collected in Jameos del Agua on Lanzarote, Palpophria gen. nov. and Dimisophria gen. nov. The former is characterized by extremely long, uniramous mandibular palps, the latter by the reduced number of spines on the swimming legs. In addition, a fourth genus and species, represented only by an unnamed copepolid IV stage, was recorded from Jameos del Agua. It is suggested that at least some of the cave-dwelling misophrioids represent descendants of deep-sea forms which became separated by vertical vicariance events.


Geoffrey A. Boxshall, Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD., UK - Thomas M. Iliffe, Department of Marine Biology, Texas A&M University at Galveston, P.O. Box 1675, Galveston, Texas 77553, USA.
E-mail: iliffet@tamug.edu

Keywords: Copepoda; Misophrioida; cave-dwelling; anchialine caves; taxonomy.

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