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  Audun Fosshagen & Thomas M. Iliffe. 2004. New epacteriscids (Copepoda, Calanoida) from anchialine caves in the Bahamas. Sarsia, 89(2):117-136.

Three new monotypic genera, Azygonectes, Cryptonectes and Minnonectes, and the male of Oinella longiseta Fosshagen, Boxshall & Iliffe are described. New records are made of Balinella ornata Fosshagen, Boxshall & Iliffe, Bofuriella vorata Fosshagen, Boxshall & Iliffe and Bomburiella gigas Fosshagen, Boxshall & Iliffe. Azygonectes is considered pelagic, with many plesiomorphic features and in an intermediate position with characters of swimming legs reminiscent of both Erebonectinae and Epacteriscinae. Cryptonectes is considered benthic, with several apomorphic features, and reductions of mouthparts, but for characters of the swimming legs it is included in the Erebonectinae. Minnonectes, bearing some unique modifications of setae in maxilla and maxilliped, is included in the Epacteriscinae. The Epacteriscidae and Ridgewayiidae are considered fairly closely related.


Audun Fosshagen, University of Bergen, Department of Fisheries and Marine Biology, PO Box 7800, N-5020 Bergen, Norway. Thomas M. Iliffe, Texas A&M University at Galveston, Department of Marine Biology, Galveston Texas 77553-1675, USA.
E-mail: audun.fosshagen@ifm.uib.no iliffet@tamug.edu

Keywords: Calanoida, Epacteriscidae, taxonomy, anchialine caves, Bahamas.


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