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Phylum Mollusca
Class Gastropoda
Family Caecidae

Caecum troglodyta Moolenbeek & Faber, 1987

Taxonomic Characterization: Slightly curved, cylindrical, translucent anterior part near the aperture with 5-6 strong axial rings. Aperture circular and with a thin margin. Shell with irregular fine growth rings. Septum large and protruding; top portion slightly raised, lower part convex and with fine cracks (0.15mm). Shell is translucent and colorless. The embryonic first stage has less than half a whorl and is strongly sculptured with irregular pits (Moolenbeek et al., 1987).

Disposition of Specimens: Type specimens were deposited in the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam (ZMA), The Netherlands; holotype ZMA Moll. 3.87.022.

Ecological Classification: Stygobitic or stygophilic

Size: Adult shell 2.2 - 2.8 mm

Number of Species in Genus: Numerous

Species Range: Known only from Roadside and Walsingham Caves in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. Specimens from Roadside Cave were collected from silty sediments at the base of a rock slope at 6 - 7m depths (Moolenbeek et al., 1987).

Closest Related Species: It is difficult to separate Caecum caverna from C. troglodyta. Full grown specimens of the latter have better defined growth rings and a varix which consists of several axial rings (Moolenbeek et al., 1987).

Habitat: Anchialine limestone caves

Ecology: Marine, in silty bottom sediments at 0-7m depths. Inhabits anchialine caves, shells found in silty bottom sediments and bottom gravel, sometimes at the base of rock slopes.

Life History: A total of 17 of the collected specimens were in the second stage, while 9 were in the embryonal first stage (Moolenbeek et al., 1987).

Evolutionary Origins: Caecum troglodyta does not appear to be closely allied to any Atlantic species (Moolenbeek et al., 1987).

Conservation Status: Restricted to two caves in Bermuda.


  • Moolenbeek, R.G, M. Faber and T.M. Iliffe. 1987. Two new species of the genus Caecum (Gastropoda) from the marine caves on Bermuda. Studies in honour of Dr. Pieter Wagenaar Hummelinck, 123: 209-216, 16 figures.

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