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Anchialine Fauna of Bermuda

Note: Species listed below in blue are clickable links to individual species web pages

Phylum Cilophora (ciliates)
Order Euplotida (euplotids)
    Family Euplotidae
Order Scuticociliatida (scuticociliates)
    Family Parauronematidae

Phylum Annelida (segmented worms)
Class Polychaeta (polychaetes)
    Family Nerillidae
    • Leptonerilla prospera (Sterrer & Iliffe, 1982)
    • Longipalpa saltatrix Worsaae, Sterrer & Iliffe, 2004
Class Oligochaeta (oligochaetes)
    Family Tubificidae

Phylum Mollusca (molluscs)
Class Gastropoda (gastropods)
    Family Caecidae

Phylum Arthropoda (arthropods)
Subphylum Chelicerata (chelicerates)
Class Arachnida (arachnids)
Subclass Acarina (mites)
    Family Halacaridae
Subphylum Crustacea (crustaceans)
Subclass Copepoda (copepods)
Order Calanoida (calanoids)
    Family Arietellidae
    • Metacalanus sp.
    • Paramisophria sp.
    Family Epacteriscidae
    • Enantiosis bermudensis Fosshagen, Boxshall & Iliffe, 2001
    • Epacteriscus rapax Fosshagen, 1973
    Family Pseudocyclopiidae
    Family Ridgewayiidae
    • Exumella polyarthra Fosshagen, 1970
    • Ridgewayia marki Esterly, 1911
    Family Stephidae
Order Platycopioida (platycopioids)
    Family Platycopiidae
    • Nanocopia minuta Fosshagen, 1988
Order Cyclopoida (cyclopoids)
    Family Halicyclopinae
    • Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) stocki Pesce, 1985
    Family Speleoithonidae
Order Harpacticoida (harpacticoids)
    Family Superornatiremidae
    • Neoechinophora fosshageni Huys, 1996
    • Neoechinophora daltonae Huys, 1996
    • Neoechinophora jaumei Huys, 1996
    • Superornatiremis mysticus Huys, 1996
    • Intercrusia problematica Huys, 1996
Order Misophrioida (misophrioids)
    Family Misophriidae
Subclass Ostracoda (ostracods)
Order Halocyprida (halocyprids)
    Family Halocyprididae
    Family Polycopidae
    • Metapolycope duplex Kornicker & Iliffe, 1989
    • Micropolycope eurax Kornicker & Iliffe, 1989
    • Micropolycope styx Kornicker & Iliffe, 1989
    • Polycopissa anax Kornicker & Iliffe, 1989
Order Myodocopida (myodocopids)
    Family Philomedidae
    Family Sarsiellidae
    • Eusarsiella styx Kornicker & Iliffe, 1989
Order Podocopida (podocopids)
    Family Bairdiidae
    Family Cytherellidae
    Family Paracyprididae
    Family Pontocyprididae
    • Iliffeoecia iliffei Maddocks, 1991
    • Propontocypris (Propontocypris) minacis Maddocks, 1986
    • Thomontocypris lurida (Maddocks, 1986)
Class Malacostraca (malacostracans)
Subclass Phyllocarida (phyllocarids)
Order Nebaliacea (nebaliaceans)
    Family Nebaliidae
    • Paranebalia sp.
Subclass Eumalacostraca (eumalacostracans)
Superorder Eucarida (eucarids)
Order Decapoda (decapods)
Infraorder Caridea (caridean and procaridean shrimp)
    Family Alpheidae
    Family Atyidae
    Family Hippolytidae
    Family Procarididae
Superorder Peracarida (peracarids)
Order Isopoda (isopods, pill bugs)
    Family Atlantasellidae
    Family Cirolanidae
    Family Gnathostenetroididae
    Family Paramunnidae
    • Munnogonium somersensis Kensley, 1994
    Family Paranthuridae
Order Amphipoda (amphipods)
    Family Amphilochidae
    Family Bogidiellidae
    Family Dulichiidae
    • Podobothrus bermudensis Barnard & Clark, 1985
    Family Ingolfiellidae
    Family Liljeborgiidae
    • Idunella sketi Karaman, 1980
    Family Phoxocephalidae
    • Cocoharpinia iliffei Karaman, 1980
    Family Pseudoniphargidae
Order Tanaidacea (tanaidaceans)
    Family Apseudidae
Order Mictacea (mictaceans)
    Family Mictocarididae
Order Cumacea (cumaceans)
    Family Nannastacidae
    • Cubanocuma cf. gutzui Băcescu & Muradian, 1977
    • Cumella iliffei Băcescu, 1992
    • Cumella ocellata Băcescu, 1992
    • Cumella spinosa Băcescu & Iliffe, 1991
Order Mysidacea (mysids, opossum shrimp)
    Family Mysidae

The taxonomic hierarchy above was derived from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System

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