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Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Malacostraca
Order Amphipoda
Family Lysianassidae

Socarnopsis catacumba (Clark & Barnard, 1985)

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Socarnopsis catacumba


Synonyms: Lucayarina catacumba Clark & Barnard, 1985

Taxonomic Characterization: Head deeper than long, rostrum short, ocular lobe produced and gently rounded, lower antennal sinus weak.  Eyes bilateral. Antennal article 3 with lateral-distal row of spines. All coxae moderately setose. Only gill 6 subordinate (crenulation distally). Has poorly setose inner plate of maxilla 1, pereopodal teeth and unpleated gills.

Ecological Classification: Stygobitic

Size: Adult females are 3-6 mm long.

Number of Species in Genus: Multiple

Species Range: Known from numerous ocean blue holes in the Bahamas as well as in Cuba:

  • Bahamas: Socarnopsis catacumba (Clark & Barnard, 1985)
    • Andros Island
    • Exuma Cays
    • Grand Bahama Island
      • Cemetery Cave
  • Cuba: Socarnopsis catacumba (Clark & Barnard, 1985)
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Socarnopsis catacumba: species range

Closest Related Species: The genera Lucayarina and Septcarnes were synonymized with Socarnopsis by Lowry & Stoddart, 1997.

Habitat: Marine, ocean blue hole caves and the steep-sided rocky escarpment bordering the platform edge

Ecology: Found in marine caves in the Bahamas at a depth of 15 m. Commonly observed in large numbers around lobster molts; easily caught in baited traps. Also found along the submarine drop off in depths to 100 m.

Conservation Status: Widely distributed and abundant in ocean blue holes throughout much of the Bahamas.


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  • Lowry, J.K. and H.E. Stoddart. 1997. Amphipoda Crustacea IV. Families Aristiidae, Cyphocarididae, Endevouridae, Lysianassidae, Scopelocheiridae, Uristidae. Memoirs of the Hourglass Cruises 10:1-148.
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