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Cenote Bolonchohol

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Map of Cenote Bolonchohol: Roberto Hashimoto, Agustin Garcia, 1998

Cave Type: Cenote - solutional cave system

Location: Cuzama, Yucatan

Length: 116 m

Maximum depth: 36 m

Description: Cenote Bolonchohol, "nine mouse holes", is located 47 kilometers to the southeast of Merida and about 5 kilometers west of Cenote Chacsinicchee. It is named for the nine entrance holes in the ceiling of this cave. The cave is entered by climbing down a ladder made from old narrow gauge train rails. One enters a 15 m diameter underground chamber at water level with ceiling heights to 12 m. A large, crystal-clear lake filled with cobalt-blue water covers the bottom of this beautiful underground chamber. When the sun light is shining through any of the holes in the ceiling, it creates a spectacular and colorful sight. Descending along the slope of the breakdown that forms a little island in the middle of the lake, the diver finds a passage at 26 m depth followed by a restriction in the floor. From this point, the cave opens onto a lower chamber that is about 20 m long and 8 m wide with a height of 2-4 m and a maximum depth of 36 m. This little cave system is believed to be fully explored.

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Cenote Bolonchohol: Image provided by the Gobierno del Estado de Yucatan, Secretaria de Ecologia

Hydrology: Completely fresh water.

Diving Mode: Standard cavern and/or cave scuba.

History: This cave system was first explored by Fernando Rosado and the club de Espeleobuceo Yucatan in 1980 and is featured in the Italian documentary film "Aguas Sagradas".


Conservation status: This Cenote is on of the most popular diving attractions in the region. Local diving guides are available to take visiting divers to this site.

Contributor: Andreas W. Matthes, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo; Roberto Hashimoto and Agustin Garcia, Merida, Yucatan

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