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Duncan Pond Cave

Cave Type: Inland blue hole - lens based cave

Location: Acklins Island, Bahamas

Length: several hundred meters

Maximum water depth: 0.5 m

Description: The entrance to Duncan Pond Cave is located at the base of hill near the east coast of the island. Due to past guano mining activities at this site, the cave entrance and passages within it were substantially enlarged and modified. A level roadway was cut to the 3 m wide by 4 m high entrance to allow rail carts access into the cave. Although mining of guano has long since ceased, a large colony of bats still inhabit the interior portions of the cave. Several small, shallow pools are located in dark sections of the cave.

Hydrology: Surface salinity in the pools is 10 g/l.

Diving Mode: No diving leads found.

History: This cave has been used for guano mining for many years.

Fauna: Isopods, copepods.

Conservation status: Mining of guano has substantially modified the cave. Since the cave is in a remote location and guano mining has stopped, it is rarely visited today.

Contributor: Tom Iliffe, Texas A&M University at Galveston

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