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Atlantis Blue Hole

Cave Type: Ocean blue hole - fault line cave

Location: Kemps Bay, South Andros Island

Length: 600 m plus

Maximum depth: 85 m plus

Description: Atlantis Blue Hole is a massive north/south running faultline system containing one of the largest passages in the Bahamas. The coral rimmed entrance consists of a vertical shaft extending to 40 m depth where a large rift passage begins. This 12 m wide canyon passage has vertical walls extending down to depths of 70 to 85 m. Wreckage of one or more very old boats is located at the bottom of the entrance shaft. According to local lore, the Lusca, a mythical monster, inhabits ocean blue holes and suck down unwary mariners to their doom.

Hydrology: Extremely strong tidal currents are present, especially in the entrance shaft of this cave.

Diving Mode: Standard cave scuba

History: First explored by Rob Palmer of the Blue Holes Foundation in 1995.

Fauna: Due to the presence of strong tidal currents, numerous species of filtering feed invertebrates are characteristically found near the cave's entrance. Encrusting sponges and hydroids are present on the walls at the entrance and also around the crack at rear of the cavern where current velocity increases due to the constricted nature of the passage. Copepods and mysids from this cave are currently under study.

Conservation status: This cave, along with all other blue holes in the South Andros "String of Pearls", has currently been proposed to the Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as a marine reserve.


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Contributor: Brian Kakuk, Caribbean Marine Research Center, Bahamas

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