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Description: Providenciales. Providenciales, more commonly known as "Provo", is a large, high island that covers an area of 98 square kilometers. It is the most developed island in Turks and Caicos and has a population of over 6,000 including many Haitians, Dominicans, French, Canadians, Germans and Americans.

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Providenciales. The Caicos Bank includes the islands of Providenciales, North, Middle, East, West and South Caicos, plus a number of smaller islands and cays. Providenciales and West Caicos border the western margin of the bank (22N, 72W).
Date Taken: 9/17/94
NASA Photo ID: STS064-117-066


Principle Inland Blue Holes

    Airport Cave
    Blue Hills Cave
    The Hole

Anchialine Fauna of Providenciales

Subphylum Crustacea (crustaceans)
Subclass Ostracoda (ostracods)
Order Nebaliacea (nebalianceans)
    Family Nebaliidae
Subclass Copepoda (copepods)
Order Decapoda (decapods)
Infraoder Caridea (shrimp)
Order Amphipoda (amphipods)
Order Mysidacea (mysids, opossum shrimp)
Class Remipedia (remipedes)

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