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Exuma Cays

Description: The Exuma Cays extend in an almost unbroken chain from Beacon Cay in the north to the islands of Great and Little Exuma in the south, a distance of more than 150 kilometers. The cays themselves vary in size. While some are low and barren, others have rolling hills covered with dense vegetation and small trees. The Exuma Cays are bounded by the deep waters of the Exuma Sound to the east and the shallow Great Bahama Bank to the west. Both inland and ocean blue holes are known.

Click here to view the full size image North end of Great Exuma Island and Exuma Cays. The northern end of Great Exuma Island is in the lower right corner, while the line of the Exuma Cays, which line the edge of the Exuma Sound, extend to the north. The Tongue of the Ocean shows up as dark blue in the upper left corner, while submerged sand bars are clearly evident in the left center.
Date Taken: July 1992
NASA Photo ID: STS050-77-052
Click here to view the full size image Great Exuma Island. The deep waters of Exuma Sound are to the right, while the shallow waters of the Great Bahama Bank are on the left. George Town is near the center of the photo.
Date Taken: November 1992
NASA Photo ID: STS052-104-006
Click here to view the full size image Exuma Cays. Aerial photograph courtesy of the Caribbean Marine Research Center. Lee Stocking Island is the long island at the lower left corner of the photo. Norman's Pond Cay is located just above it, near the center.


Principle Inland Blue Holes
Great Exuma Island

Great Guana Cay

Norman's Pond Cay

Principle Ocean Blue Holes
Great Exuma Island

Anchialine Fauna of the Exumas

Phylum Arthropoda (arthropods)
Subphylum Crustacea (crustaceans)
Subclass Copepoda (copepods)
Subclass Ostracoda (ostracods)
Order Decapoda (decapods)
Order Isopoda (isopods, pill bugs)
Order Amphipoda (amphipods)
Order Bochusacea (formerly order Mictacea, family Hirsutiidae)

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