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Acklins Island

Description: Acklins is a long, narrow, and hilly island, with numerous caves and bays dotting its western shore. Both Acklins and adjacent Crooked Island are bordered to the west by a shallow lagoon known as the Bight of Acklins.

Click here to view the full size image Acklins and Crooked Islands. This beautiful photograph from space shows the shallow water platform containing Crooked Island (at top) and Acklins (at bottom). The shallow water of the Bight of Acklins appears as light blue, while sand bars are evident along the western margin of the bank (22.5N, 74W).
Date Taken: 03/07/94
NASA Photo ID: STS062-85-033


Principle Inland Blue Holes

Principle Ocean Blue Holes

    Ocean Den

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