Interview Tips

Make a Good First Impression

Impressions are everything. Make sure you dress for success. This does not mean you wear every piece of jewelry you own or put on a bucket of cologne, but simply put it means to dress like you work there. Be conservative in your choice of styles and colors. Also make sure you brush your teeth and comb your hair. This may seem silly, but a sign of a good applicant can be hygiene, so make sure you put your deodorant on!

The first impression you give the employer may be your last if you don't have the right attitude. The way to do this is arrive early and be prepared. It is usually good to be ready for the interview 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time, and appear to be excited and motivated. Remember even though your interview may be at 8 o'clock in the morning you weren't the only one who had to get up for it. Being prepared means that you have an extra resume and reference list, a nice portfolio, all necessary documents (i.e. SS card, DL; you never know when you might get the job offer), parking money, and most importantly pen and paper. This way you will have a chance to write down the highlights, and any questions that might pop into your head during the interview. Most importantly, just practice good manners and business etiquette. Please and Thank you can take you far!

Ace the Interview

Practice ahead of time answering and asking questions. If you need it the Office of Career Planning and Placement can set up a mock interview for you to help. Try to sell yourself. This is your chance to shine, but be careful there is a fine line between selling yourself and being cocky. Ask for the job. If you know that you deserve the job then ask for it.


One of the most forgotten practices is following up. Try to send a thank you card the very next day. Make sure it is hand written, this will show that you took the extra time. At the end of the week if you haven't heard anything give a polite follow-up phone call. Ask when you might be hearing from them.

If you make a good first impression, ace the interview, and follow-up, then you have what it takes to complete a good interview.