Texas A&M University at Galveston hires student officials to officiate the various sports offered. Training for all sports begin the week before play begins for that respective sport. No experience is required, just a basic knowledge of various sports is preferred.

Semester Hiring Meeting

At the beginning of each semester, Intramural Sports will hold a hiring meeting as necessary to recruit new officials. Attendance to this meeting is mandatory to be hired by Intramural Sports. The beginning of the meeting will present employment opportunities and cover the basics of employment. The rest of the meeting will be conducted as a group interview to assess the strength of each applicants' sports knowledge.

In an effort to speed up the process, interested applicants should print and fill out the Student Employment Packet. The application requires an applicant to get information from their academic department to verify their GPA is above a 2.0 to be eligible for on-campus employment.

The next Hiring Meeting is scheduled for: August 29th at 8pm in PE 107

Job Details

  • Intramural Sports Officials start at a rate of $7.25/hr with the opportunity to receive a pay raise after a yearly evaluation or upon promotion to a supervisor of up to $.50/year.
  • Hours are generally 8pm-12am Monday through Thursday with a chance for some occasional Sunday nights.
  • Intramural Officials have the opportunity to set their own availability week to week as the struggles of the academic year progress.
  • Intramural Officials typically work 4-6 hours per week with the opportunity for more or less, just depends on your schedule.
  • The best officials will hustle, be willing to learn, accept criticism, and have a desire to improve.