Graduation Clearance Policy

The following policy has been approved and will enable our staff to certify and distribute diplomas, with appropriate honors, to as many degree candidates as possible at commencement.
Formal application for degrees must be submitted online by the deadline stated in the academic calendar and online degree application. Under unusual circumstances, an application for a degree may be accepted after the stated deadline. The student must apply online at .
The diploma of the University, with the appropriate degree, will be granted to the student who has made formal application for the degree by the published official deadline, has all grades on record in the Office of Enrollment Services, including grades pertaining to graduation with honors, by no later than 5 p.m., Friday, the first week of classes of the succeeding semester or summer term following commencement and has satisfied all degree requirements.
All students must have settled all financial obligations to the university prior to receiving a diploma.
Graduate and undergraduate students who plan to attend a commencement ceremony must do so the semester they apply for graduation and complete the degree requirements.
For students failing the first audit: All degree candidates who were enrolled in all remaining degree requirements during the semester, in which the graduation is being held, will be allowed to participate in commencement regardless of whether they pass the final audit. Candidates who are not certified for graduation will not receive a diploma at commencement.

Withheld Diplomas:

In addition to diplomas being withheld at commencement for candidates who do not pass the final degree audit, diplomas are also withheld from graduates who have failed to settle all financial obligations with the University in accordance with University and State rules. Students may review their account balance online to determine if there are any unsettled obligations that may prevent receiving their diplomas in the commencement ceremonies.