Graduation Clearance Policy

The following policy has been approved and will enable our staff to certify and distribute diplomas, with appropriate honors, to as many degree candidates as possible at commencement.
Only those degree candidates who pass the final degree audit on the first attempt (Thursday, May 8, 2008) will receive diplomas at commencement. Grades for all degree candidates and graduation clearance checks for undergraduate students will be available Thursday, May 8th, after 10 p.m. This information may be accessed at

For students failing the first audit:

  1. All degree candidates who were enrolled in all remaining degree requirements during the semester, in which the graduation is being held, will be allowed to participate in commencement regardless of whether they pass the final audit on May 8. Candidates who are not certified for graduation will not receive a diploma at commencement.
  2. All last minutes grade changes, transcripts and substitutions should be taken care of by Thursday, May 8th before 5:00 pm to assure that the student is clear to receive his/her diploma and receive their honors if qualified to do so. If student does not clear, the student may come by the Sea Aggie Center, Bldg. 3026, Office of Admissions and Records, to discuss problems or may make telephone inquiries by calling (409) 740-4416 after 8 a.m. May 12th. Diplomas will be available to degree candidates immediately after problems are solved and certification is accomplished.
  3. Degree candidates not clearing for graduation on May 8th will have until 5 p.m. the first Friday of the summer semester (May 30, 2008) to clear all problems. Candidates not cleared must reapply for August 2008 graduation and pay the $40 fee again.


TAMUG transcript orders may be made in person at the Office of Admissions and Records, Bldg 3026, by written request, or online at Call (409) 740-4416 for additional information.

Withheld Diplomas:

In addition to diplomas being withheld at commencement for candidates who do not pass the final degree audit, diplomas are also withheld from graduates who have failed to settle all financial obligations with the University in accordance with University and State rules. Students may review their account balance online to determine if there are any unsettled obligations that may prevent receiving their diplomas in the commencement ceremonies.