International Admissions

The transfer application process is to be used by applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States and have never enrolled at Texas A&M University as undergraduate degree students. International students should submit the Apply Texas application, at Freshmen international students should submit the 4 year college Apply Texas Application for Freshman Admission. Students who have completed at least 24 hours of college credit and have been enrolled in a college or university for at least one term since graduating from high school should submit the Apply Texas application for Transfer/Transient/Readmit Students. When completing the application, all students should complete theApply Texas application Parts 1, 2 and Essay C.
Application Deadlines: To apply for the 2015 Fall term, apply between August 1, 2014 and December 1, 2014  To apply to enter in the  2015 Spring term, apply between August 1, 2014 and Oct 1, 2014.  To apply to enter for the 2016 Spring term, apply between April 1, 2015 and July 31, 2015.

Freshman International Admission - Complete Application Parts I and II; (Essay C is optional but highly recommended).

Transfer International Admission - Complete Application Parts I and II; (Essay C is optional but highly recommended).

Admission Criteria for Foreign Students: Admission decisions for freshman and transfer applicants with foreign credentials are based on:

1. Academic Achievement

International applicants are expected to complete an educational program that will permit them to be considered for admission to a university in their home country. Examples include the completion of Grade 13, Form 6 or 3A-level exams, following O-levels. A-levels exam results must be received by the application closing date.
Successful applicants will rank near the top of their country’s educational system ("B" average or better) and score well above average on national exams.
Secondary school courses: Appropriate college preparatory course work is required.

2. Testing - Applicants whose national language is not English are required to submit:

TOEFL scores of 550 or higher (computer-based score: 213) or
SAT Verbal of 500 or ACT English of 21

3. Individual Achievement and Recognition

Leadership positions held
Honors/ awards received
Major national, state or Texas A&M scholarships received

Checking your Admissions Status

You may check your admissions status at the website
You will need your UIN and birth date (or social security number).  
Please be sure that you have paid the application fee for Texas A&M University at Galveston ($90.00) and completed all essays.
If you have not graduated from high school, and are taking dual credit courses at another college, we will not require the transcript until the courses are complete.  Your file will still be reviewed without the college transcript. Please contact our Office of Admissions at 409.740.4415 for any questions you may have.

International Student Services

Scholarship Information for International Students

Texas law allows a limited number of admitted applicants who are citizens of Mexico and who can document financial need to receive an award, which allows them to pay the same tuition as residents of the State of Texas.

Additional information and application forms are available from:

International Student Services,
Texas A&M University,
College Station, TX 77843-1226,

Other scholarships are not available for first-time International students. International students may apply for a limited number of scholarships after the completion of one academic year at Texas A&M.

Additional Information Regarding International Admissions

If admitted, International applicants must fulfill the following additional requirements before enrollment:

  1. Declaration and Certification of Finances and Foreign Student’s Advisor’s Report
    A Financial Resource Statement is sent with a letter of acceptance. This form must be completed and returned to Texas A&M before the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 or IAP-66) is issued. The Foreign Student Advisor’s Report is also mailed with the acceptance letter to all International applicants who are attending a school in the United States.
  2. Advance Deposit
    Because of monetary restrictions in some countries, a full year’s expenses may be required as a deposit from some accepted applicants. When the student enrolls, the deposit is applied to the first semester expenses. The deposit is refunded to admitted applicants who do not attend Texas A&M.
  3. English Verification/Certification
    Texas A&M requires International undergraduate students to demonstrate the ability to speak, write and understand the English language. Undergraduate students may meet this requirement in one of four ways:
  • Official TOEFL score of 600 or higher (computer based score: 250);
  • Have an official SAT Verbal of 480 (400 prior to April 1, 1995 testing), or ACT English of 19 and attended grades nine through twelve of U.S. secondary education and graduate from a U.S. high school;
  • Transfer from an accredited U.S. institution of higher education with at least 30 semester credit hours, including the equivalent to Texas A&M ENGL 104; or 
  • Achieve English Language Proficiency Verification by taking the English Language Proficiency Examination (ELPE) prior to registration for the first semester at Texas A&M University. If remedial English classes are necessary, it will extend the time required to complete a degree.