Event FAQs

What is an Event Permit?

The Event Coordinating process was created to assist with event planning, with the hopes to ensure safe and successful events on campus. The permitting process ensures that all stakeholders in the event are informed about the event and can provide the organization/department with the adequate support to make the event both safe and successful.

Why is an Event Permit important?

Each event is different and has risks associated with it like large crowds, the potential for food‐borne illness, injury, financial risks, etc. The Event Permit process allows you to work with campus partners which can assist you in limiting risk involved with your events. Where do I submit an Event Permit request?

For Recognized Student Organizations, create an Event through your Collegiate Link  page.

For TAMUG departments or outside organizations, fill out the online event request form at https://tamug.collegiatelink.net/form/start/63109

How far in advance are Event Permits needed?

Most events can be approved within 10 business days. However, more complex events may take longer to approve. Please keep this time frame in mind when you are planning events. Plan in advance and be sure to incorporate approval processing time.

What kinds of events need an Event Permit?

This process only applies to events in which greater than 15 non-student, non-faculty or non-staff attendees will be present. (i.e. the public) and/or for any event which involves one or more of the following:

    • Events held outdoors
    • Events in which food is served to the general public
    • Events in which large crowds are anticipated
    • Events that involve physical activity
    • Events that require a liability waiver
    • Events involving amplified sound (like DJs or bands)     
    • Events that involve performers, speakers, or other acts
    • Events that involve one or more contracts or rentals  
    • Fundraisers or events where money exchanges hands
    • Events that involve minors on campus
    • Events in which controversial and/or emotionally charged content may be involved
    • Events in which national, state, or local appointed or elected officials or candidates will be present
    • Events in which media will be on campus
    • Rallies/demonstrations held in areas other than designated free speech zones
    • Events in which a motion picture is being shown

Who can help me with event planning, permits, or questions?

The event contact list will assist you in obtaining information and services to help make your event a success

How soon do I need to contact people on the list in the email I received to make arrangements or complete required paperwork?

You should start contacting people and completing paperwork immediately. It takes a while for offices to make arrangements for your event such as staffing, approving a food permit, process an entertainer contract, etc. You should contact offices and submit contracts and paperwork at least ten (10) business days in advance of your event; thirty (30) business days in advance for any contracts.  If your event involves programs for minors please plan at least three (3) months in advance.

What kinds of arrangements may be required for my event?

Each event is different and requires different arrangements or clearances across campus. Most often, groups will contact offices like Chartwells Catering, Student Life, TAMUG PD, Facility Services, and Environmental Health and Safety. Specific arrangements will be depend on the details of your event. You should be prepared to be flexible and work closely with university staff as they help to make your event a success.

How far in advance should I plan aspects of my event?

Each event is different, of course, but you should start planning a few months in advance if possible.

How can I help my event run smoothly?

A week or two in advance of your event, you should start making lists of items you need to gather for the event. It may also be helpful to make a “day of” schedule that outlines times that items should be started (like setup, what times vendors will arrive, facility setup) and who will be responsible for each item. This can help you to outline your day and use your time wisely so you aren’t rushed. But remember that you will need to be flexible because unanticipated issues will probably come up. Utilize your other organization members and delegate tasks.

How should I plan to publicize my event?

Publicity is important to the making sure you get the turnout you want at your event. Prepare your publicity plan in advance to make sure you have time to get the word out. You should also think about the audience you are trying to reach with your program and use that to guide your publicity plan.

Are there any campus policies about publicizing events     

Contact the Marketing and Communications office at 409-740-4840

How can I publicize my event?

There are several methods to publicizing your event. The best bet is to use a combination of methods tailored to your audience. Here are some ideas.


Posters (11” x 17”) and Flyers (8.5” x 11”)

    • Departmental Mailings   
    • Student Mailboxes in the SAGC
    • Campus Buildings
      • Campus Bulletin Boards
      • Residence Halls

Table Tents (Request through Chartwells Dining,  409-740-4508)

Special Invitations – Direct Mail

    • Special Guests (faculty, staff, administrators, community leaders, etc.)
    • Departments/Faculty/Staff

Public ads

    • Email
    • Aggnews
    • Sea Aggie Daily
    • Facebook Event
    • Twitter

Promotional Table in Flag Room

Word of Mouth


Sidewalk Chalk