Study Abroad

TAMUG Study Abroad Program Offerings

  • MARB 340/656 Tropical Marine Ecology (Mexico)
    Dr. Thomas Iliffe
    Summer 2014

  • MARB 489/689 Research and Conservation in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece
    Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Seabirds, and Cultural Heritage
    Dr. Bernd Würsig
    Summer, 2014

  • MARA 489 and MARA 689 London Maritime Experience
    Cultural and historical aspects of the maritime industry outside of the United States
    Dr. Joan Mileski
    May, 2014

TAMUG Study Abroad Contacts

First contact for questions of interest should be with the TAMUG Faculty member leading the study abroad program interested in joining.  This is the best source of information about the courses!

The TAMU Study Abroad office is the main source of information on the study abroad program.  You can find basic information on study abroad, lists of all study abroad opportunities throughout TAMUG & TAMU, Q&A sections, etc. To apply for a study abroad course, field trip or program, TAMUG students must register through this website.

TAMU Study Abroad Website:

Students thinking about participating in study abroad  should contact their department’s academic advisor for questions about their TAMUG degrees and general questions about how/if study abroad  programs could affect your curriculum and time to degree (especially those doing independent study abroad at an institution and wanting to transfer credit.)

If you have questions about how study abroad could affect your financial aid, or using your financial aid while on a study abroad, please see a TAMUG Financial Aid Advisor in the SeaAggie Center building 3026.  Note: Prep-semester planning can be crucial for some students desiring aid for a summer program. Please check early (fall semester) with an advisor about your financial aid needs and availability during summer sessions.

TAMUG Faculty Study Abroad College Representative

Dr. Susan Knock is the official liaison to the TAMU Study Abroad Executive Office and a good source of basic information on study abroad programs offered through TAMUG.  She assists Faculty developing new study abroad programs for TAMUG.