Fact: College courses are difficult.
Solution: Get help from a TAMUG Tutor. It's FREE!!

TAMUG's Tutoring program offers peer support through course concepts and homework problems in small-group sessions. Students can attend scheduled sessions as needed throughout the semester, but should be prepared to bring specific questions and course materials.

Sessions are offered for typically difficult core curriculum courses such as Chemistry, Math, and Physics, but may be available for other major-specific courses. For a complete list of subjects offered this semester, please see the Tutor roster below.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are offered for freshman-level Biology and Chemistry courses.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of Tutoring sessions are offered?

We offer small-group sessions lead by trained students that have made an "A" in the course.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are FREE! You'd be crazy not to try it!

Who should attend?

TAMUG students currently enrolled in the supported courses* that want to improve their understanding of content material should attend sessions as needed.
*Please see the Tutor roster below for current courses

Where are sessions offered?

Sessions are held in assigned Atlantic & Pacific Residence Hall multi-purpose rooms.
Details available on TutorTrac

When are sessions offered?

Sessions are scheduled each semester based on Tutor availability from Sunday through Thursday between 2:00 and 9:00 PM.
Details available on TutorTrac

How should I prepare for sessions?

  1. Attempt your homework (all of it) in advance*
    *Not the night before it's due or there's an exam

  2. Write down specific questions

  3. Look up Tutor availabilities on TutorTrac

  4. Attend a session that fits into your schedule and ask questions

  5. Practice! Attempt your homework and additional problems on your own.

How often should I attend sessions?

Repeat as needed throughout the semester in order to stay on track or improve your grades!

Spring 2014 Tutors

Zoe Cross

CHEM 101

Amanda Self

CHEM 102

Emily Innes

CHEM 107

Amanda Sterne

CHEM 227, 228

Ayania Harmon

MATH 102

Therese Skrzyniarz

MATH 141

Patrick Mahurin

MATH 142

Matthew McCollum

MATH 142

Tim Lyons

MATH 150

Sarah Magier

MATH 151

Adriann Peterson

PHYS 201

Katie Westmoreland

PHYS 202

Ben Cain

PHYS 208

Ivan Mieth

PHYS 218

Kaitlyn Hoekstra

ACCT 229, 230