Fact: College courses are difficult.
Solution: Get help from a TAMUG Tutor. It's FREE!!

Tutoring is an academic program designed to guide undergraduate students on an individual or small group basis through difficult course concepts and common types of homework problems. TAMUG Tutors create an active learning environment for students, which helps students “learn how to learn.” Students can expect to receive academic assistance for their immediate needs and acquire the skills necessary to take charge of their future learning.

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Tutoring at TAMUG is offered:

  • for currently enrolled students

  • during the Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters
    NOTE: Summer subjects are limited

  • for FREE! (You'd be crazy not to try it!)

  • for Accounting, Business Statistics, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Statistics, & Thermodynamics courses

  • by trained students that made an "A" in the course

  • as small group sessions
    NOTE: At this time we cannot offer private one-on-one sessions

  • on a first-come, first-served, walk-in basis, but appointments get first consideration
    (Appointments can be made on TutorTrac)

  • Sunday through Thursday
    NOTE: Tutoring may not be available for some classes every day. 

  • between the hours of 3:00 & 8:00 PM
    (Based on Tutor availability as scheduled on TutorTrac)

  • in assigned Atlantic & Pacific Hall multi-purpose rooms
    (Locations on TutorTrac)

Spring 2014 Tutors

Zoe Cross

CHEM 101

Amanda Self

CHEM 102

Emily Innes

CHEM 107

Amanda Sterne

CHEM 227, 228

Val Keyser

MARE 207

Kaitlyn Hoekstra

SCMT 303

Ayania Harmon

MATH 102

Therese Skrzyniarz

MATH 141

Matthew McCollum

MATH 142

Patrick Mahurin

MATH 142

Tim Lyons

MATH 150

Sarah Magier

MATH 151

Adriann Peterson

PHYS 201

Katie Westmoreland

PHYS 202

Ben Cain

PHYS 208