Supplemental Instruction- SI

Get Ahead, Make Friends, and Learn How to Study for Class!

TAMUG's Supplemental Instruction (SI) program offers peer-lead, group study sessions with activities designed to cover the most difficult course content for that week. Supplemental Instructors hold the same session three times a week to exercise study skills, critical thinking, and problem solving for various concepts.

Students can attend scheduled sessions once a week or as needed, but should be prepared to bring course materials and participate in activities. Regular attendance to SI Sessions prepares students to stay ahead in the course and study more efficiently on their own.

Sessions are currently offered for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses. For a complete list of subjects offered this semester, please see the SI roster below.

Tutoring is available for some Chemistry, Math, and Physics courses.
Select the link to find out if SI is right for you: SI vs Tutoring

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of SI sessions are offered?

We offer weekly, 1-hour, group study sessions lead by trained students that have made an "A" in the course. SI's design activities to cover a different topic each week. These sessions are then repeated three nights a week.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are FREE! You'd be crazy not to try it!

Who should attend?

TAMUG students currently enrolled freshmen-level Biology & Chemistry courses* that want to stay ahead in class and improve their understanding of content material should attend sessions.

*Please see the SI roster below for current courses

Where are sessions offered?

Sessions are held in assigned classrooms around campus.
Details available on TutorTrac

When are sessions offered?

Sessions are scheduled each semester based on SI availability from Sunday through Thursday between 8:00 and 10:00 PM.
Details available on TutorTrac

How should I prepare for sessions?

  1. Read the textbook, attend class, and take notes

  2. Look up SI availabilities on TutorTrac

  3. Attend a session that fits into your schedule and participate
    You can even bring friends!

  4. Practice! Use the activities from SI to study on your own or with a group

How often should I attend sessions?

Start at any time and attend as needed. You only need to attend one session each week to stay ahead or improve your grades!

Supplemental Instruction is Not Available for Summer 2015

Interested in becoming a Supplemental Instructor?

For additional information, please contact the Office of Academic Enhancement
at (409) 741-4343 or