SAIL Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I was admitted to SAIL, is it a requirement for me?

A: Yes! The successful completion of SAIL is required for students admitted to SAIL in order to earn full admission to TAMUG for the following academic semester.

Q: What is considered "successful completion" of SAIL?

A: Successful completion of SAIL is determined by the student's completion of all SAIL Program Requirements.

Q:  Who should I contact about my placement in SAIL?

A: Enrollment Services Admissions Counselors & Staff:

Q:  Is there a list of items to complete in order to prepare for SAIL?

A: Yes! Please use the Preparing for SAIL 2014 document under the SAIL Informational Resources section to prepare for the SAIL program. Students that complete the listed items by the designated completion dates will be set-up for the most efficient transition into the SAIL program.

Q:   When is the SAIL program?

A: SAIL 2014 is Sunday, July 6th through Wednesday, August 13th:

  • SAIL Students must Check-in and move into the Pacific Residence Hall on Sunday, July 6th between 1:00-7:00 PM.

  • SAIL students will take classes during the Summer II 2014 term, July 8th - August 11th, with Final Exams on August 12th & 13th.

  • Upon completion of all Final Exams, SAIL students must Check-Out of their Summer II Residence Hall room assignment and move into their Fall Housing assignment prior to leaving the campus.

Q: Are SAIL students required to live on campus?

A: According to university rules, all students (including SAIL students) are required to live in on-campus housing unless they meet one of the Residence Life circumstance exceptions.

Students that meet one of the exceptions are still highly encouraged to live on campus due to the quick & intense nature of the SAIL program.  Students residing off-campus are still required to attend all SAIL courses and activities. Please note that many of these activities are held after 5 PM or on Fridays/Weekends in order to accommodate the Summer II course schedule, which can make commuting difficult.

Q:  Is there a SAIL New Student Conference (NSC) or Orientation?

A: All SAIL students must register for and attend the July 7th-8th New Student Conference (NSC)

This NSC is not a separate SAIL NSC, as we want our SAIL students to participate in our traditional New Student Conference experience.  However, there will be a special session required for all SAIL students on the 2nd day of the NSC.  On that day, SAIL students will begin attending their Summer II courses and attend NSC sessions in between course meeting times.  During one of the scheduled NSC sessions, SAIL students will also register for Fall 2014 courses.

Q: Do my parents/guardians have to attend the New Student Conference?

A: Family members of SAIL students may also attend the NSC as long as they register online in advance, but they are not required to do so.

Q:  How does SAIL course advising work for Summer II courses?

A: Before the end of June, a member of The Office of Academic Enhancement will call and/or email the SAIL student to discuss courses that have been selected using the student's:

Prior to advising, SAIL students must complete/submit the aforementioned information so that it is visible on HOWDY for both students and staff.

Q: How and when do I register for SAIL courses ?

A: Once a student has completed all pre-registration requirements, a member of The Office of Academic Enhancement will register SAIL students in the selected courses based on their advising sessions via email, phone, and/or in person.

For university billing purposes, course registration will take place June 9th – July 3rd.  After SAIL students have been registered, they may view and print their course schedule in HOWDY under the My Record tab.

Q: Which courses are SAIL students required to take?

A: SAIL students are required to take:

  • CAEN 101: Applications of Learning Theory (2 Credit Hours)
    And it's course-linked Learning Community, LCSE 002 (0 Credit Hours)

  • At least one other curriculum course (3 Credit Hours) from the following selection:

    • MATH 102: Algebra (based on Math Placement Exam score)

    • MATH 150: PreCalculus (with qualifying MPE score only)

    • ENGL 104: Composition & Rhetoric

    • POLS 206: American National Government (only if student cannot enroll in English or Math courses)

  • And any required Developmental Education Courses (based on TSI Assessment scores):

    • CAEX 001: Basic Math Skills (0 Credit Hours)

    • CAEX 004: Reading/Writing Connection (0 Credit Hours)

Can SAIL students take any additional courses?

A: Students that need to have full-time summer student status (6 Credit Hours) for Health Insurance or Financial Aid purposes, may also take one of the following kinesiology (KINE 199 = 1 Credit Hour) courses:

  • Dynamic Team Games: Every day is a new game- try Ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, ga-ga ball, beach volleyball…. Designed to help students engage in team building activities in a fun environment.

  • Basic Strength Training: Introduces you to strength training as a lifelong activity through the use of both free weights and machine weights.  Proper techniques and training principles will be taught using different types of resistance.

  • Watersport Activities: Relieve stress in the pool. Learn basic swim strokes in order to get a good workout and have fun. This class will also introduce you to water polo, paddle-boarding, water games, etc.

Q:  How do I purchase books?

A: Books can be ordered in advance, reserved, & picked up at the bookstore when you arrive to the campus. Check the TAMUG Bookstore website for book listings & pricing or contact them at (409) 740-4488. You will need to know the course code to order books (i.e. MATH 102). SAIL students may also wait to purchase books in person at the New Student Conference.

Students may check the course syllabus for a class online in HOWDY to determine the books needed for purchase:

  1. Log into the HOWDY Portal using your NetID and password

  2. Select the My Record tab

  3. Under the Registration box, select Search Class Schedule link

  4. Select the Summer 2014 - Galveston Term

  5. Select the desired course subject (i.e. MATH - Mathematics)

  6. For the needed course, select View Sections

  7. Underneath the Course Title, select the Syllabus hyperlink
    If a link is not present, the instructor has not uploaded the syllabus. Instead try viewing the Spring 2014 - Galveston Term course listing for the same course and instructor or call the TAMUG Bookstore to find out which books will be required for the summer term.

Q:  What is cost of participating in SAIL?

A: There is no “one size fits all” model of expenses due to variations in financial aid, meal plans, course fees, & tuition.  In item #12 of the Preparing for SAIL 2014 PDF, SAIL students & their families will find a link for the University Course Catalog, which contains an expense breakdown for the 5 week summer II term in which SAIL runs.   

Q:  When SAIL is successfully completed, am I still a SAIL student?

A:  No.  When you successfully complete SAIL, you will then have full admission to TAMUG and report to your Academic Department based on your declared major for future advising.  

Q:  How do I find out information about my roommate during SAIL?

A:  Please direct all housing inquires to the Office of Residence Life at (409) 740-4445.

Q: Which items should I bring with me for SAIL?

A: Students should bring any items needed for on-campus housing as well as school supplies for their summer courses.

Q: How do I pay tuition & fees?

A:  After a student has been registered for courses and signed up for housing, a summer meal plan, parking, and a mail box, tuition and fees will be added to their record.  Students may view and pay their bill and create payment plans online via HOWDY under the My Finances tab. Students may also make and confirm payments with Financial Management Services (FMS) at their New Student Conference.

Questions regarding tuition and fee specifics or payment should be directed to the FMS Cashier at (409) 740-4434. Questions regarding the application of financial aid towards payment should be directed to Financial Aid at (409) 740-4500.

Q:  Can I be in SAIL & participate in the Maritime Academy, NROTC, or SALT Camp ?

A:  In terms of SAIL policies, SAIL students can participate in these activities. Because those entities have their own admissions/registration standards, we advise you to contact those offices directly.  Please be aware that the fulfillment SAIL obligations are what determine full admission to TAMUG and should take priority should a scheduling conflict arise.

For Student Placement in the Texas Maritime Academy contact Major Wayne Bertrand at (409) 741-4380 or

For Student Placement in the Naval ROTC contact Christopher Norris at (409) 740-4594 or

For Student Participation in SALT Camp contact The Office of Student Life at (409) 740-4969 or

Q:  If I am currently Undeclared (GACD) or plan to change to a College Station major,
how should I prepare for Advising sessions?

A: For more efficient advising, it is best to align your course planning with TAMUG Majors.  If you are planning to attend TAMU, select a TAMUG major that bests mirrors the TAMU major you are pursuing and compare the two degree plans. You should focus on Core Curriculum and other course requirements that are needed for both majors.  Inquiries about TAMU Majors and curriculum requirements need to be directed to the corresponding Academic Department in College Station.

If you are interested in_______________:

 consider this TAMUG major _________________:


Maritime Studies (MAST)


Maritime Studies (MAST)

Biological Sciences

Marine Biology (MARB)


University Studies (USGA),
Oceans & One Health Concentration


Maritime Administration (MARA)


Marine Sciences (MARS)


University Studies (USGA),
Oceans & One Health Concentration

Civil Engineering

Offshore & Coastal Systems Engineering (OCSE)

Electrical Engineering

Offshore & Coastal Systems Engineering (OCSE)

Environmental Law & Policy

University Studies (USGA),
Marine Environmental Policy & Law Concentration

Environmental Science

Ocean & Coastal Resources (OCRE)

Foreign Languages

Maritime Studies (MAST)


Marine Sciences (MARS)

Liberal Arts

Maritime Studies (MAST)

Mechanical Engineering

Marine Engineering Technology (MARR)


University Studies (USGA),
Oceans & One Health Concentration


Marine Sciences (MARS)

Petroleum Engineering

Offshore & Coastal Systems Engineering (OCSE)


University Studies (USGA),
Oceans & One Health Concentration

Veterinary Medicine

University Studies (USGA),
Oceans & One Health Concentration

Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences

Marine Fisheries (MARF)