Developmental Education

College Readiness for Math, Reading, and Writing

Students who have not met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college readiness standards will be assessed, advised, and enrolled in the appropriate developmental education course(s)to address areas that require improvement.  TSI Deficient students are blocked from registering for courses that fall under the deficient subject areas (Math, Reading, and/or Writing), but may enroll in other college-level subjects.

Students may choose an early exit from the Developmental Education program by testing and passing the ACCUPLACER or COMPASS tests with at least the minimum passing score. Students may retest at any time as allowed by the retest policy for the specific test. 

Early Exit Minimum Passing Standards

  • ACCUPLACER – 63M, 78R, 80W + Essay: 6 (or 5 with at least 80W)
    Offered at TAMUG

  • COMPASS – 38M, 81R, 59W + Essay: 6 (or 5 with at least 59W)
    Offered at Galveston College
    Scores should be faxed to (409) 741-4343

Prior to the completion of a developmental course, TAMUG students are required to take the corresponding section of the ACCUPLACER or COMPASS to determine college readiness and change their TSI status. Once TSI requirements are met, either through completion of coursework or passing of the appropriate exam, the respective TSI hold is permanently removed from a student's account and he/she is eligible for any college-level coursework.

Students must satisfy all Texas Success Initiative requirements before a baccalaureate can be conferred from Texas A&M University.

For more information, please contact the Office of Academic Enhancement
at (409)741-4343 or