Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Get Ahead, Make Friends, and Learn How to Study for Class!

TAMUG's Supplemental Instruction (SI) program offers peer-lead, group study sessions with activities designed to cover the most difficult course content for that week. Supplemental Instructors repeat sessions three times a week that exercise study skills, critical thinking, and problem solving. Regular attendance to SI Sessions prepares students to stay ahead in the course and study more efficiently on their own.


Jack K. Williams Library

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Supplemental Instructor!

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Supplemental Instruction Sessions

Sessions are available for Accounting, Biology, Economics, Chemistry, Oceanography, and Physics courses.

  • Offered by successful TAMUG students

  • Walk-in 1 hour sessions, repeated 3 times a week

  • Located in the Jack K. Williams Library

  • Sunday through Thursday

  • Between 6:00-10:00 PM

  • Specific dates, times, and locations posted on TAMUG TutorTrac

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      Reason: SI Session

Attend scheduled sessions once a week
or as needed to maintain grades or get ahead!

Tutoring is available for select courses as well.

Student Feedback on SI:

My SI...

  • ... was friendly and made it easy to ask questions.

  • ...was amazing and always well prepared!

  • ...came to class and knew exactly what we were covering.

  • ...was very kind and patient.

  • ...was very knowledgeable and more than prepared for sessions

  • ...was great! I had a list of questions and topics that I was unsure of going in to the final and she made sure that I knew what I needed to and gave me confidence!