SAIL 2014 Program Requirements

SAIL establishes an academic support network (the summer before a student's freshman year) that engages the student in active learning and facilitates interaction with other students, Faculty, and Staff. The SAIL Living Learning Community provides selected students an opportunity to attend courses during the Summer II term (Tuesday, July 8th - Wednesday, August 13th) to assist in academic development and college transition.

The Office of Academic Enhancement will contact SAIL 2014 students shortly after they have confirmed their participation in SAIL by registering for the July 7th-8th, 2014 New Student Conference. SAIL students will attend the conference before they begin Summer II term classes.

SAIL students:

  • must complete a minimum of two courses during the Summer II term

  1. Required to take CAEN 101, Applications of Learning Theory and it's course-linked Learning Community, LCSE 002.

  2. The other course may be one of the following:
    -MATH 102 or 150
    -ENGL 104
    -HIST 105 or 106
    -POLS 206 or 207

  • in need of full-time status may also take KINE 199

  • must attend weekly SAIL Learning Community (LCSE 002) meetings.

  • that are not TSI Compliant must enroll in & attend Developmental Education Courses

  • must maintain a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
    Students must remain in good academic standing with the University. This means maintaining a "C" average or higher and no "F's" or "U's" in the Summer II term.
    The failure to do so will permanently change the student's admission status.
    (Free Academic Support Services are available!)

  • must attend all classes

  • will reside in campus housing to get the full college-going experience

  • must adhere to all University Student Rules and Regulations

  • must adhere to the Aggie Code of Honor

  • will show respect and courtesy to all TAMUG students, Faculty, Staff, and guests

It is important that SAIL students understand that the successful completion of the SAIL Program
is a prerequisite for being fully admitted to the university.

Please contact the following people for specific details concerning:

SAIL Program Details

Mayen Udoetuk, (409) 741-4341

 Student Placement in SAIL

    Sandra Muros, (409) 741-4315

 Shana Marcon, (409) 740-4723

For more information, please contact the Office of Academic Enhancement at (409) 741-4343 or

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