Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLC'S) are a residential clustering of students who share a particular interest in academics, social and cultural issues, activities, common themes, and courses. The goal is to create an environment that fosters academic excellence by extending the learning environment outside of traditional classrooms and times to include the Residence Life experience.  We wish to immerse the student in the scholarly life by offering them the chance to self-select into a community of students dedicated to their studies in all forms, standard and diverse.

Current Living Learning Communities:

Program Support

Although each LLC is unique, benefits may include providing students with a mutual support network, evening events about interesting topics of specific interest to an academic discipline, group dinner meetings, and in-residence tutoring programs designed to increase retention and overall academic performance. Some other benefits for the students are:

  • Develop a network of friends.

  • Improve grades.

  • Graduate at higher rates than those that choose not to join.

  • Meet people who have a common goal.

  • Participate in social activities related to academic major.

  • Find help and encouragement informally through networking with peers.

  • Experience a residential setting that is an active, supportive, and exciting place to live and learn.

  • Maximize the effectiveness of each student's academic program with in-hall faculty interaction.

The benefits from faculty involvement are:

  • Supports and challenges the students.

  • Faculty interaction outside of the classroom is directly linked to student retention, enhanced learning, and increased social and intellectual development.

  • Inspires active learning communities.

  • Creates innovative teaching/mentoring opportunities.

  • Provides an opportunity to try new ways to engage students in their learning. The integration of diverse experiences from within and outside of the classroom can be a powerful teaching tool.

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