Campus Living

Bayside Community Living

Students who participate in the W.A.V.E. community will live together in Hullabaloo Hall. This arrangement gives these students the opportunity to utilize one another for continued academic support and become a close-knit community. Faculty, staff and the upper-class student Community Leader will engage students in programming to enhance their academic experience. This is an opportunity for students who share a similar interest in waterborne activities to live and learn alongside each other, explore new ideas and create friendships to last a lifetime.

Nautical Term: berth (n)
Definition: 1) Room to maneuver; as in “ Give that mark a wide berth,” or the space needed for a ship to swing on her mooring. 2) A place where a ship docks or lies alongside a dock. 3) A bunk where a seaman sleeps. 4) A job on board a ship; as in: “He was offered a berth on that schooner.”

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