About W.A.V.E.

Professional Experience

Texas A&M University at Galveston’s waterfront is an energetic hub of activity. The campus community uses a unique mix of education, training, and recreational vessels, which are available seven days a week. The waterfront hosts numerous waterborne research projects, labs, training opportunities, continuing education programs, and Sea Camps.

The W.A.V.E. Community will be an exclusive mix of talented non-license option freshmen.  Community members from across all majors will live together in Hullabaloo Hall and attend regularly scheduled activities associated with the navigation, operation and maintenance of the university’s small vessels.  At the conclusion of this one year program all members will become certified small vessel operators.

This program will challenge three crews of six people in a mix of activities designed to give the participants hands-on knowledge of small vessels and the Galveston Maritime Community.

The W.A.V.E. Community is supported by the Waterfront Operations Department with maintenance facilities, docks, boats, and administrative spaces for students and their families, former students, faculty, staff, the TAMU system, and the Galveston community.  Join us as we commission this program and set sail!
 going sailing

Nautical Term: commission (v)
Definition: To place a ship in service. To launch a ship, usually with ceremony, and place her in service with specific operational tasks or responsibilities; as in: “The queen was present to commission the new ship.”

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