AP Credit: Frequently Asked Questions

All questions regarding AP/CLEP/CBT/SAT/DANTES/DSST/IB should be referred to Academic Enhancement (ACEN) at 409-741-4343.

1) What AP grades do I need to earn credit for A&M courses?

Check this listing to determine if you have a qualifying score for credit to be awarded.

2) Which Advanced Placement tests should I accept to apply towards my degree?

In general you should accept AP or any other kind of credit only if it will substitute for something on your degree plan. (Please talk to your major Academic Department to discuss your degree plan course requirements.) However, if at graduation you have more than 3 extra hours listed on your transcript it will probably prevent you from the $1000 rebate. You can, however, go back and deny acceptance of AP credit at any time before graduation. [NOTE - NEW RULES - YOU CAN NO LONGER DENY ACCEPTANCE ONCE YOU ACCEPT AP CREDIT.  IT IS IRREVERSIBLE] Be sure and do this in a timely manner.

3) Advanced Placement in Political Science, Physics, English, Chemistry, History, etc:   

OUR ADVICE: ACCEPT AP credit for these courses only if they substitute for something on your degree plan. Do not retake these courses at A&M.

AP credit is usually a good indicator of how much you know in these courses, or possibly in what depth the material in these courses will impact your future classes.

5) Advanced Placement in Math 151, 152:

OUR ADVICE: ACCEPT AP credit for the highest-level math course for which you have AP credit, but still register for the highest-level math class for which you have credit and take it again at A&M.  AP credit does not seem to be a good indicator of how much you know in these MATH courses. It is very rare that a student who has AP credit in MATH 151 can go straight to MATH 152 as their first math class and pass it.  For example:  If you have AP credit for Calculus I and Calculus II, we strongly advise that you immediately accept AP credit both courses, but retake Calculus II (MATH 152) at A&M. If this is bad advice, the result is that you will be bored all semester, get an A in the class and a boost to your GPA.

A PROBLEM: If you do not first accept AP credit for a class, and then you take the class, anywhere, and don't make a C or better, you MUST retake the class. You will not be permitted to later go back and accept the AP credit. Thus, by accepting AP credit for the class before taking it, you at least retain credit for the class.

However, if you have accepted AP credit for MATH 151, then take it again here and get a D, and you then take the AP credit for it and try to move on to the MATH 152 you're going to struggle. Your chance of passing the next math class would be essentially zero. But we leave that to you.

6) Who do I contact to accept/decline AP Credit if I can't find it on Howdy?

Call Academic Enhancement (ACEN) at 409-741-4343 to accept or decline AP credit. You can accept or decline credit at any time before graduation, except as stated above.

7) I want to verify that AP Credit does not count toward the excess credit hour rule.  A freshman received instructions that they should accept only AP credit that applies to degree requirements so that their number of credits does not create a problem with excess credit hours.

Depending on which policy the student is referring to would prompt the different answers.  In regards to the state law regarding excess credit hours, changes were made to the State Law in June 2009, stating hours earned while in high school do not count towards the excess credit hour limit.  Those hours will be exempted from the student's totals and include dual credit and AP exams.  However, in other policies, such as the Tuition Rebate incentive, another state governed policy, the state is only willing to exempt up to 9 hours of AP credits from the student's totals.  All hours taken beyond that limit will count as part of a student's overall earned hours.  If a student accepts all of those credits, and they do not apply towards the degree, the student will be held responsible for those hours.  

8) How do I get credit for my AP courses and "credits by exam" (CBE, CLEP) if they don't show up on Howdy?

Contact Academic Enhancement (ACEN) at 409-741-4343. Be prepared to give your name and student ID number. In some cases, you may be required to go to their office in person.

9) I think I have accepted AP credit for CHEM 101/111 and CHEM 102/112, as those were the only AP chemistry options I saw. What do I need to do now to get those substituted for CHEM 107?

You should be able to claim them on HOWDY, but if it won't let you, contact Academic Enhancement (ACEN) at 409-741-4343.  Once the courses are accepted, CHEM 107 should pick up automatically.  If the classes were successfully accepted but when you run a degree audit the CHEM 107 still does not show up as satisfied, contact Academic Enhancement they will assist you.

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