Current LC's

Learning Communities (LC's) are classes that are clustered or linked during an academic term, often around an interdisciplinary theme and contain a common cohort of students. A variety of approaches are used to build these LC's, intended to restructure the students’ time, credit, and learning experiences to build community among students, between students and their teachers, and among faculty members and disciplines.

Register for an LC

You can register for an LC (LCSE) in HOWDY along with your other courses to add them to your course schedule, but no course credit or credit hours will be awarded because they are non-credit bearing courses. No tuition costs are associated with these courses, but small fees may be applied to pay for resources, field trips, and guest speakers.

TAMUG Spring 2014 Learning Communities

Waterborne Activities & Vessel Experiences

LCSE 002-401, 402, or 403
Captain Frank Rivera

The WAVE community is focused on seamanship of small vessels. In our community, you have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge about topics from small vessel maneuvering to general maintenance of boats. Please select the WAVE link above to learn more about how to become apart of this unique Living Learning Community.

Graduate & Professional School Bound

LCSE 006-401
10:00 - 10:50 PM
Dr. Susan Knock

The Graduate and Professional School Bound Learning Community supports undergraduate students at all academic ranks in their preparation for graduate or professional school. Activities include meeting medical and graduate school admissions directors, evaluating graduate and professional programs, providing feedback on personal statements for application packets, designing a course schedule to position a student for success, developing a personal timetable for meeting application, GRE, MCAT and other entrance exam deadlines and other activities as requested by Learning Community participants. Student peer mentoring is a key driver in LC effectiveness.

Leadership Living Learning Community (L3C)

Todd Sutherland

The Office of Residence Life introduces a learning community that focuses on leadership development for first-year students. The Leadership Living Learning Community offers students the opportunity to build and hone their leadership skills within the context of their chosen field of study. Please select the Leadership LLC link above to learn more about how to become apart of this unique Living Learning Community.

Faculty Learning Community

Faculty are invited to meet together to discuss issues of interest. Weekly topics will be posted. Topic suggestions should be sent to Susan Knock at Refreshments will be provided. No sign-up needed.
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