Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Compliance

The Texas Success Initiative

  • Is required by the Texas State Legislature for identifying and preparing academically those students whose basic skills in reading, writing and/or mathematics are less than what is required to succeed college level courses.

  • Requires continuous student participation in developmental education classes if that student is deficient in the academic areas of reading, writing, and/or mathematics.

  • Requires all NON-EXEMPT incoming students to complete the mandatory TSI Pre-Assessment Activity and then to take the TSI Assessment test before registering for classes.

TSI Scoring and Exemption Standards

If not TSI Compliant, CANNOT take the following TAMUG courses:



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Developmental Education Courses

Developmental instruction in mathematics includes the integers, rational numbers, applications, exponents, polynomials, solutions of equations, graphing, elementary geometry, and reasoning skills. May not be used toward a degree. 

Designed for students whose Texas Success Initiative requirements for reading and/or writing have not been met; develops additional reading and writing kills by emphasizing the interrelatedness between the two disciplines. May not be used for credit toward a degree.


For questions about your TSI Compliance please call (409) 741-4343