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TAMU Scholarships & Financial Aid

New Student Conference (NSC)

Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions can assist with any questions you may have about your admission status, including your selection for the First Scholars Program. They additionally run campus tours each week if you would like to come get a look at the campus!

Texas Maritime Academy

Counseling and Career Services


Career Services:

Disability Services:

Counseling and Career Services are available to assist students with academic, transfer, career and personal issues by providing walk-in and scheduled appointments. The Office is staffed by licensed counselors and the services rendered to students/alumni are free, voluntary, and confidential. The Office staff is dedicated to assisting students in their pursuit of personal and academic growth, to helping students gain a better understanding and appreciation of themselves, and to supporting students as they make important decisions about their lives.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons engages students, faculty, and staff by provides modern learning and teaching experiences. For students: students learn how to learn, improve their writing, navigate their curriculum, and develop the skills necessary to convey concepts and processes. The Learning Commons provides a modern learning experience for all students, contributes to a dynamic student learning community, provides high impact learning opportunities, and fosters a stellar first year experience. We continue to develop programs of learning and expertise to assist students in completion of a degree from TAMUG and help them develop marketable skills.


The Jack K. Williams Library supports the mission of Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) by providing access to services and collections in various formats to meet the curriculum, research, professional, intellectual, creative and personal needs of the TAMUG community and other information seekers. The library wants to provide excellent facilities, user satisfaction, security, and the best possible collection to support diverse interests and emphasize marine and maritime studies.

Office of Academic Enhancement

The Office of Academic Enhancement (ACEN) believes in the empowerment of life-long learners. ACEN provides many resources at TAMUG, including: advising for TAMUG first-year students, oversight of the General Academics major, academic coaching, and housing the First Scholars Program. 

Recreational Sports

The mission of the Department of Recreational Sports is to provide safe and inclusive activities that promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle while developing social, leadership, and other life skills which will enrich the education of our students and the campus community.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life provides an environment where students may safely live and learn; is academically centered and focused on the holistic development of students built on a foundation of inclusivity.

Student Activities

List of Student Organizations:

S.A.L.T. Camp:

Get involved outside of class! Student life at TAMUG is often centered around the ocean. Many clubs and sports often involve water, but we have numerous active student organizations including many professional organizations that cover a wide variety of interests. The question is just finding the right organization, or organizations, for you!

We follow Aggie traditions such as Yell Practice, Muster, Silver Taps, SALT Camp (Sea Aggies Learning Traditions), and the famous Aggie Ring. Students may also get involved with the Student Senate, the Nautilus (newspaper), or Sea Spray (literary magazine)

Student Diversity Initiatives

Consistent with the core values of Texas A&M University the mission of the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives at Texas A&M at Galveston (TAMUG) is to provide programs and services that encourages members of our community to gain a deeper understanding, awareness, and appreciation for their own culture, as well as embracing the dignity of all cultures from our global society.