Program Benefits

As a participant in this program, you recieve a variety of tangible benfits, including
  • A total program scholarship of $20,000 ($5,000 per year for four years)
  • Professional mentorship from faculty and staff
  • Peer mentorship from upper classmen
  • Support from inclusion in a living learning community with other first generation students

Life-Long Benefits

These and other elements of the program lead to some amazing long-term outcomes that will benefit you for life! As the first person in your family to attend a university, you have a unique opportunity to enjoy the many benefits associated with earning a college degree.


EarningIncrease your earning potential.

communicationImprove your writing and communication skills.

networkBuild upon your social circle and professional network.

satisfactionIncreased future job satisfaction.

employmentDecreased future unemployment rates.

healthyBe informed of healthier life choices