Program Details


You must be a first-generation college student (neither parent has earned a bachelor's degree). You must meet the requirements of the Regents' Scholarship Program and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Award eligibility varies based on Enrollment Status


Each First Scholar receives a total program scholarship of $20,000, awarded as $5,000 per year for four years. To continue receiving this award for the full four years, students must maintain good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) and be making progress towards their degree as required for financial aid. Students not meeting these requirements will be granted one semester of probation.

Program Requirements

Students in the First Scholars Program are required to fulfill the following:

  • Attend the First Scholars Orientation

    Each fall, Regents' Scholars participate in the First Scholars and Regents' Scholars Orientation during the first weeks of class. The orientation is held during Howdy Week, Aggieland's Official Week of Welcome. Students will have the opportunity to learn information on financial aid management, academic life, and student life.

  • Meet with a Peer Mentor

    Each First Scholar will be required to meet with a peer mentor on a monthly basis to ensure they are staying on track and have the individualized support necessary for success. This mentorship will focus on each participants academic and leadership development, and could include participation in the 12th Man Leadership Program, professional staff/faculty mentors, and selected campus workshops and events. 

  • Attend the First Scholars and Regents' Scholars Spring Celebration

    First Scholars attend the spring banquet during the conclusion of their first year. Students are meant to reflect on their past year while enjoying a dinner with their fellow Scholars.

  • Participate in the Learning Community Program

    First Scholars, along with Regents' Scholars, participate in the Learning Community program during their first year at TAMUG. Success programs provide first year students the best academic start for college and provide skills and knowledge to excel in their academic, professional, and personal lives. This program consists of lectures, out of classroom learning experiences, and social and service activities. Peer or staff/faculty mentors can be made available, upon request. This program requires enrollment in the LCSE 002 Scholars course.

Need a First Scholars Waiver?

Waivers will be given to students who have credit-bearing courses or a university excused absence during the orientation and/or the learning community session. Please consult the University Student Rules for what the university considers an excused absence, detailed procedures, and deadlines. These rules are for every TAMUG course, not just the First Scholars course.

To request a waiver, please complete this form: