Scores for TSI Assessment

Students that have not met TSI Compliance standards in math, reading, or writing, should schedule the TSI Assessment at any official college/university testing center as soon as possible.  Please allow time to study and prepare for the assessment, but note that until TAMUG has received TSI Assessment scores to evaluate, a student will be blocked from course registration.

Texas A&M University at Galveston offers the TSI Assessment, but TAMUG students may take the exam at any official college/university testing center. For convenience, use an institution in close proximity that offers the assessment.

If you are an out-of-state student that cannot find an institution that offers the TSI Assessment, look for one that offers the ACCUPLACER by College Board and contact the Office of Academic Enhancement for Remote Proctor Instructions.

TSI Assessment College-Readiness Cut-Score Ranges


350 to 390


351 to 390


5 on Essay

or   363 to 390 + 4 on Essay

Once you have taken an exam, please fax test scores to (409)741-4344 or email to

Once the Office of Academic Enhancement has received TSI Assessment scores, they will be evaluated to determine course placement in the subject areas of math, reading, and writing. Students that meet the college-readiness standards will be permitted to register for college-level courses, while students that fall short of the minimum standards will be further evaluated and placed into a specific Developmental Education Program.