Math Placement Exam Score Placement

Which MATH course does my MPE score place me in?

For MATH 151 Bound Students:

MPE Score MATH Course Recommendation
22 - 33 Enroll in MATH 151
14 - 21 Enroll in MATH 150 AND we strongly recommend enrolling in PPP*
11 - 13 Enroll in MATH 150 (PPP not an option)
10 or below  Enroll in MATH 102 before any other MATH course

For MATH 142 Bound Students:

Score MATH Course Recommendation
12 - 25 Enroll in MATH 141 or MATH 142
9 - 11 Recommended enroll in MATH 102 definitely before 142 and preferably before 141
8 or below  Urged to enroll in MATH 102 before any other MATH course





MARB, MARF, OCRE, and UNST Majors:

If you decide, after taking the MATH 151 bound Exam, that you want to pursue the MATH 142 bound route, then enroll as follows:

Score MATH Course Recommendation
14 - 33 Enroll in MATH 141 or 142
11 - 13 Enroll in MATH 102 before MATH 141 or 142
10 or below Enroll in MATH 102 before any other MATH course





Studies have shown that students who pass their first calculus class with a grade of at least a C, are much more likely to graduate and earn their engineering or science degree in four years. Students who earn a raw score of 22 (out of 33) on the TAMU Math Placement Exam (MPE) have a 70% chance of obtaining a grade of C, or better, in their first calculus course, and thus ARE likely to earn their degree in four years. For students whose raw score is less than 22 on the MPE, the statistics are not as favorable. A student, for example, whose score is an 18 (out of 33) on the MPE has a 55.9% chance of obtaining a grade of C, or better, in their first calculus course and thus, they are at risk of not obtaining their degree on time. These statistics, and the desire to position students for better success in college mathematics, are the driving forces behind the TAMU Mathematics Department's new Personalized Precalculus Program (PPP).

What is the Personalized Precalculus Program (PPP)?

During the spring semester, prospective TAMUG students are required to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE). Students who obtain a score in the range of 14 to 21 (out of 33) on the 151 MPE are eligible to enroll in the summer Personalized Precalculus Program. Students who enter the summer program are generated an online Personalized Study Plan (PSP). The PPP is a program designed to increase the success rate of prospective TAMUG students in Calculus I. This program is delivered entirely online and uses an array of technology-mediated strategies to help students strengthen their individual mathematical weaknesses.

To Register for the PPP, please visit