Texas A&M University Math Placement Exam

The Math Placement Exam is a free multiple-choice examination used to assess a student’s math skills. They are an important tool to help your advisor determine which mathematics course you should take. There are two MPE exams and students will directed to the correct exam based upon their major. 

Requirements for transfer students: Most transfer students are not required to take the MPE if transferring in prior college level math from another institution.

Requirements for freshman students: All Freshmen are required to take the MPE. Students will not be permitted to register for any mathematics course until MPE test scores are on file.

Before taking the exam:

  • Calculators are not permitted

  • Exam must be taken BEFORE you attend your New Student Conference; preferably prior to June 1

  • The exam may be repeated up to 3 times; however, there is a 2 week waiting period between attempts.

What assessment should you take?

Texas A&M University at Galveston Major

Appropriate Math Placement Exam

Engineering (Marine Engineering Technology, Ocean Engineering, Engineering at Galveston)

Take assessment for MATH 151 (MPE 1)

Marine Biology

*Can take either assessment (MPE 1 or 2)

Marine Fisheries

*Can take either assessment (MPE 1 or 2)

Marine Science

Take assessment for MATH 151 (MPE 1)

Marine Transportation

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

Maritime Administration

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

Maritime Studies

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

Ocean and Coastal Resources

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

University Studies: Marine Environmental Law and Policy

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

University Studies: Maritime Public Policy and Communication

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

University Studies: Oceans and One Health

Take assessment for MATH 151 (MPE 1)

University Studies: Tourism and Coastal Community Development

Take assessment for MATH 142 (MPE 2)

* If students are strong in math and wish to pursue graduate work, pre-health, or intend to change curriculum to another science or engineering degree, MATH 151-152 track is recommended.

To take the MPE:

  • Log into Howdy at howdy.tamu.edu

  • Go to the Applicant Tab

  • Follow the instructions for the Math Placement Exam.

Use the online review material available to help you prepare for this 90-minute exam. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the Department of Mathematics at mathassessment@math.tamu.edu.

If you have a disability and require specific accommodations to complete the Math Placement Exam, please contact the Counseling Services Office at (409)740-4736 or visit http://www.tamug.edu/counsel/Disabilities.html for more information. Reasonable testing accommodations are provided to allow students with documented disabilities an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.  In order to coordinate testing accommodations for the Math Placement Exam, the student must submit documentation of their disability for review.

How to interpret your score:

Scoring for 142 MPE after March 13, 2017

Scoring Guide for MPE2

Scoring for 142 MPE before March 13, 2017

MPE Scoring for 142

Scoring for 151 MPE

MPE Score MATH Course Recommendation
22 - 33 Enroll in MATH 151
14 - 21 Enroll in MATH 150 AND enrolling in PPP is strongly recommended
13 or Below Enroll in MATH 150 (PPP not an option)

*PPP is the Personalized Pre-calculus Program: Students who obtain a score in the range of 14 to 21 (out of 33) on the 151 MPE are eligible to enroll in the summer Personalized Pre-calculus Program. Students who enter the summer program are generated an online Personalized Study Plan (PSP). The PPP is a program designed to increase the success rate of perspective TAMUG students in MATH 151. This program is delivered entirely online and uses an array of technology-mediated strategies to help students strengthen their individual mathematical weaknesses.

Eligible students can register for the PPP at http://ppp.tamu.edu/

Questions about the MPE may be directed to the Office of Academic Enhancement
at (409) 741-4343 or ACEN@tamug.edu.