Degree Planner

The Undergraduate Degree Planner is a course planning tool designed to facilitate the timely completion of your degree at Texas A&M University and to assist in planning the courses required to fulfill your degree program requirements. You are required to submit a degree planner every year by the end of September to avoid a registration hold being put on your account. 

To start using the Degree Planner, log into Howdy > My Record tab > Undergraduate Degree Planner channel 


Instructions of completing and submitting your Degree Planner

**NOTE: Plan for all four years in your degree planner**

Select your program. If you are a General Academics student and/or changing curriculum, including College Station majors, you will need to select a Galveston major to complete your plan. Once you have selected your program, you will be presented with the Degree Planner tabs. You can create your plan in two ways:

  1. By using the Template Tab...or...
  2. By adding courses in the "Edit Plan" Tab

Template Tab:

Degree Planner Template

  1. Check the courses you want to add to your degree plan
  2. Adjust terms as needed
  3. Click on the "Submit Template to Degree Plan" button at the bottom of the tab to add courses to your plan

Edit Plan Tab:

Add in any additional courses required by selecting “Add New Courses to Degree Plan” button.


You will need to select your core curriculum courses as well as any required electives for your major. Check for: 

  1. Writing intensives. Select from the drop down to the right of WI eligible courses
  2. Any errors
  3. Prerequisits using the "PreReq Check" tab 

Degree Planner PreReq Check

Check your plan using the "Degree Evaluation" Tab. All requirements should read met and all progress bars should read green (for registered) and yellow (for planned). All errors or missing elements will read in red. Some majors will always present errors.

Degree Evaluation

Once your plan is finalized, submit for advisor or self approval at the bottom of the "Degree Evaluation" tab. 

**Please note: once your plan has been submitted for advisor approval, you will not be able to edit your plan until an advisor has reviewed your plan and it is "approved" or "denied"**

Degree Planner Submit

Degree Planner Errors