Academic Advising Fellows

The Advising Fellows Program is a partnership between the Office of Academic Enhancement (ACEN) and select Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) faculty and staff. Please note that staff are ineligible to receive compensation if academic advising is already a dedicated part of their position, and this duty must constitute effort beyond 100%. The Advising Fellows Program is specifically focused on increasing the collaboration, education, and connection between academic departments, ACEN staff, and incoming TAMUG students.

Every year, TAMUG and the ACEN Academic Advising Team orient, advise, and register all incoming TAMUG students. Advising Fellows will assist in this effort and serve an essential advising role alongside ACEN Academic Advisors. Within this role, Fellows will be expected to support and advise incoming students at all New Student Conferences.


Compensation for an Advising Fellow position is $4,000. Please note that if we are unable to find an adequate applicant pool of individuals with availability for a majority of dates required, this compensation may be split among two or more individuals with complimentary availability.


Academic Advising Fellows should meet these requirements:

• Availability for the majority of program requirements

• Be a faculty member, or staff member with no dedicated advising requirement, within one of Galveston Campus’s academic departments

• Access and authority to make adjustments for their department

The Academic Advising Fellows Program will include:

• Participating in Advising Fellows training;

• Preparing all incoming student records and registration suggestions;

• Being knowledgeable of the Texas Success Initiative, transfer credits, core curriculum, major curriculum, university student rules, university catalog, and graduation requirements;

• Providing advising at all New Student Conferences;

• Educating students on curriculum requirements, mentoring on the best course of academic action and course registration, as well as informing students on the roles and responsibilities of the advisor/advisee relationship;

• Approving first semester registration for all incoming students;

• Effectively navigating Howdy, Compass, AdvisorTrac, and University Adjustment System to access and manage student records, submit adjustments and curricular exceptions, as well as educate other faculty and staff to use in advising students;

• Serving as liaisons for their respective departments with ACEN regarding specific student and curriculum concerns

Application Open Now!

We are now accepting the Academic Advising Fellow application for 1718! Click here to download; be sure to submit it by May 2nd.