Undergraduate Minor in Anthropology

To complete a minor in Anthropology offered through the TAMU College of Liberal Arts,  at least 15 hours of coursework must be completed as listed in the following table. Up to 6 hours may be selected from 200 level classes. Up to 9 hours may be selected from 300 and above level classes. The College of Liberal Arts requires a grade of "C" or better on courses to be used for a minor.
     Required Course          Credit Hours          Offered at TAMUG
       ANTH 202                          3                           YES
       ANTH 210                          3                           YES
       ANTH 225                          4                           YES
       ANTH 316                          3                           YES
       ANTH 318                          3                           YES
       ANTH 350                          3                           YES
       ANTH 351                          3                           YES
       ANTH 423                          3                           YES
       ANTH 485                          3                           YES
   Please see your major department for assistance in coordinating with the Anthropology department to declare your minor in anthropology. For more details concerning your minor in Anthropology, look at http://anthropology.tamu.edu/html/undergrad-degrees.html#Minor-in-Anthropology.