Minor in Maritime Administration

Minor in Maritime Administration

Students in other ma jors may establish a minor field of study in Maritime Administration through completing 18 credits in the follow courses.
A minimum GPR of 2.25 for the 18 credit hours is required.

Required Courses (total 12 required credits):

ACCT 229      Introduction to Accounting
MARA 301    Ocean Transportation I
MARA 363    Managerial Process
MARA 416    Port Operations, Administration and Economics

Elective Courses (total 6 required credits):

MARA 304    Ocean Transportation II
MARA 342    Managerial Maritime Finance
MARA 401    Brokerage and Chartering
MARA 402    Inland Waterways
MARA 421    Admiralty Law
MARA 424    Economics of Transportation
MARA 440    Global Economy and Enterprise Management
MARA 450    Maritime Supply Chain Management
MARA 460    Management Systems and Control

Substitutions may be authorized by the Head, Department of Maritime Administration.
Degree audit: Degree evaluation in Howdy will certify during the graduating semester that students have met the requirements for the minor. The minor will be recognized after graduation on the transcript, but not on the diploma. Once declared, minor requirements become graduation requirements.