What is a minor? A college minor is an opportunity to explore a different field, pursue an interest or complement your major with a second field of study. A minor is an excellent way to pursue an interest or demonstrate to future employers that you seriously studied a specific subject. It adds value to your degree and a competitive edge in the job market, showing that you went above and beyond what was required to get a degree.

What minor should I choose? You should choose a minor that interests you and that complements your major. This minor should show potential employers that you have expertise in a certain aspect of that field. For example, if you major in business, a minor in economics would be an excellent choice! A minor may also combine two different areas of study to create a unique niche in your career field.

How do I declare a Minor? We recommend that you speak to your academic advisor to incorporate a minor into your degree plan. You may apply for the minor by filling out this Minor Approval form and return it to your academic department. 

Minors offered by TAMUG: 

Undergraduate Minor in Marine Biology

Undergraduate Minor in Maritime Administration

Undergraduate Minor in Ocean and Coastal Resources

Undergraduate Minor in Diving Technology and Methods

The following minors are offered by TAMU and can be
fulfilled in residence at Galveston.


Offered by TAMU College


College of Liberal Arts


College of Science


College of Liberal Arts


College of Liberal Arts


College of Liberal Arts

Military Studies

School of Military Sciences


College of Geosciences

Please note that it is the student’s responsibility for checking the TAMU website for information on requirements for a minor as it is different for each department AND to confirm that no curriculum changes have been made for a given minor.