Waterfront Wish List

Support the Waterfront

Below is a list of items that the waterfront at Texas A&M University is looking to acquire.

  • Barge / refit with PIC / Liquid Cargo training gear
    • Diesel Powered pump, $17,000
  • Refit Earl Milan
    • Replacement of her main engines, two 8v71 Detroit Diesels. It has been 13 years since they were last overhauled. The engines are 40 years old. The estimated cost is $60,000.
    • A new marine sanitation system, head and pump out tank to make her environmentally friendly, currently she has no Head! The estimated cost is $6,000.
    • A total interior refit, the 1970’s interior has passed the point of dingy. The estimated cost is $6,000.
  • Safety Gear,
    • 10 automatic inflatable life jackets $500
  • Kleeco hydraulic boat trailer to haul boats up to 60ft 30 tons $75,000
  • Parts cleaner and solvent tank $3000
  • F-250 gas powered Crew Cab for Dive$30,000
  • Trailer for Dive equipment, $15,000
  • Crew shells from Vespoli 1, 8 man and 1, 4 man  $60,000
  • Crew shell storage rack system for storage shed $11,200
  • BRODERSON IC200-2F 15ton cherry picker 9 ton pick and carry $100,000