Counseling and Disability Services

Each year, the Office of Student Counseling provides services to undergraduate and graduate students at Texas A&M University at Galveston. The Office is staffed by licensed counselors and the services rendered to students are free, voluntary, and confidential. The Office staff is dedicated to assisting students in their pursuit of personal and academic growth, to helping students gain a better understanding and appreciation of themselves, and to supporting students as they make important decisions about their lives.

Bring Everyone in the Zone

This is a one on one personal encounter and a chance to speak about the individual effects of war. This group's main purpose is to bring awareness to our communities and to other Veterans that trusting sharing your story with another Veteran may be the first step you need to take to help recover from the lasting effects of Combat. Opening up and allowing yourself to heal from within is a very hard thing to do, but you must know that there is help. It starts to another Veteran...

Local Events:

  • Galveston - Texas A&M-8701 Teichman Rd - (NEW CAMPUS LOCATION) Seibel Building, Conference Room -Galveston, TX Wednesdays 1200-1300 832-221-5350
  • Texas City - College of the Mainland, Public Service Building, 1205 Amburn Texas City, Room 116
    12:30 to 1:30pm each Tuesday
  • Other local events

Military Veteran Transition Issues

Presentation by Dr. Bob Sindylek, GYSTGT, USMC-Retired. "Dr. Bob" or "Gunny" is how many people refer to the speaker. The Gunny is short for Gunnery Sergeant, a title he earned while sering on active duty in the Marines. While serving, he was assigned to all four Marine Air Wings and served as a aircraft mechanic, an instructor and as aircrew. He participated in the evacuation of Vietnam and earned a humanitarian service award for those efforts. After retiring from the Marines, the Gunny pursued degrees in psychology and education and obtained a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree along the way. Dr. Bob is a Licensed Professional Counselor and LPC Supervisor and has experience teaching both undergraduate psychology classes as well as graduate level counseling classes. He worked in various roles within public education and retired as the Director of Counseling for Texas A&M University at Galveston in February of 2011. He now works part time for TAMUG and as a Veteran Outreach Coordinator for the Gulf Coast Center assisting veterans in their transition back into the community.

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