Vessel Operations Advisory Committee

The Vessel Operations Advisory Committee (VOAC) serves in an advisory capacity for all faculty, staff, and student involvement in the formulation of vessel policy and for the continuing evaluation and development of the TAMUG Vessel Operation, Training, and Safety Program. 

The Vessel Operations Advisory Committee will report directly to the TAMUG COO.  The charge and advisory responsibilities of the Vessel Operations Advisory Committee will be directed by the COO or their designee.



Dr. Todd Sutherland

Assistant Vice President

Student Affairs

Scott Putty  

 Capt. Scott Putty

Associate Professor of the Practice

Marine Transportation

Dr. Louchouarn

Dr. Patrick Louchouarn

Vice President Academic Affairs

Chief Academic Officer


Ms. Susan Lee

Associate Vice President for Finance 

Compliance Officer

Dr. Timothy Dellapenna

Dr. Tim Dellapenna

Associate Professor

Marine Sciences

 Debbie Thomas

Dr. Debbie Thomas

Interim Dept. Head Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University 

Antonietta Quigg

Dr. Antonietta Quigg

Associate Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies

Capt. Justin Pierson 

Vessel Operations Safety Officer

(non-voting member)

Daisy Dailey 

   Mrs. Daisy Dailey

Director of Seacamp & Educational Outreach

Allan Post   

Captain Allan Post

Executive Director

Marine Education Support and Safety Operations