Internship in Alaska 2016

*Registration for this program is for a non-credit course. Students (18 years old +) will travel to South-Central Alaska for two weeks for this field-based course.

For 12 days, students will work at the remote Alice Cove Research Station located on a fjord in Prince William Sound. The students will conduct research on sea otter behavioral ecology and habitat characterization. Opportunities will exist for learning about other wildlife and for exploring the Copper River Delta.

The course fee will be $2,200, airfare to Anchorage and Cordova not included. The deposit for this program is $500. The remaining balance is due no later than three weeks prior to your departure date.

*The Sea Camp office only provides a platform to register for this program. The program itself is provided by Dr. Randall Davis. All information or inquiries regarding this internship should be directed to Dr. Davis at or 409-740-4712.