Savannah mapes

Savannah Mapes
Undergraduate Student
200 Seawolf Parkway
Bldg# 3029, Room: 210
Galveston, TX, 77554 USA


Working as an undergraduate in the Phytoplankton Dynamics lab has provided me with the opportunity to have hands-on experience concerning the research of phytoplankton. In the lab, I assist graduate students and lab associates with tasks regarding the Aggregation and Degradation of Dispersants and Oil by Microbial Exopolymers (ADDOMEx) project. While participating in the tasks involved with this research I have been able to learn basic laboratory skills as well as helping to analyze the marine microbial community's active response to oil/dispersant challenges. I aim to further my knowledge and experiences of phytoplankton by continuing to help out in the lab while working to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology here at Texas A&M University of Galveston. After graduation, I plan to pursue a Master's degree with the hopes of also obtaining a Ph.D. in the same field of study with an emphasis on phytoplankton research.


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