News Articles




March 9 -  Marine Dugongs May Be Long Gone If Not Protected, Says Texas A&M Galveston Prof

March 16 - Texas A&M Galveston Breaks Institution’s Record for Research Funding



May 24 - Finland-based company donates massive $500,000 engine to Texas A&M Galveston


June 22 - Golden Bear Ports In Galveston

June 24 - Topping Off Held for First Phase of Academic Complex at Texas A&M Galveston


July 14 - National Shark Awareness Q&A with Dr. David Wells

July 25 - Texas A&M at Galveston Prof Receives Funds to Save Endangered Turtles

July 28 - Panama Canal Expansion Completed with Texas A&M Galveston Graduate Heading the Project


August 3 - Texas A&M Galveston’s Sea Life Facility Rehabilitating Bob the Sea Turtle

August 19 - New Study Reaffirms Timeline on Formation of Isthmus of Panama

August 30 - 45th Anniversary of Pelican Island Campus (Forerunner to Texas A&M University at Galveston) on Wednesday, August 31, 1971



October 11 - Texas A&M Galveston Study to Discover and Identify New Fish Species

October 19 - Texas A&M University at Galveston Receives Grants to Study Sharks & Ancient Hurricanes in Partnership with Universities in Mexico

October 24 - Texas A&M Galveston recognizes inaugural class of Terry Foundation Transfer Scholars

October 24 - Dr. Antonietta Quigg Selected for Southeast Conference Academic Leadership Development Program

October 28 - Texas A&M Galveston Professor/Researcher and Students to be Featured on NatGeo Cable TV Special


November 3 - Jellyfish Day

November 11 - Texas A&M Galveston Student Gives Presentation at Worldwide Symposium

November 17 - Dr. Sam Brody of Texas A&M Galveston Receives Distinguish Recognition


December 14 - Waterfront Events Pavilion And Amphitheater Construction Underway At Texas A&M Galveston

December 13 - Two special students will graduate at Texas A&M Galveston’s commencement