News Articles


Jan 11 - Endangered Turtles Find New Hope at Texas A&M-Galveston Sea Life Facility

Jan 26 - Jim and Pat McCloy Arena, a multi-purpose facility dedicated to honor service, loyalty and love for TAMUG.

Jan 29 - Discoveries made in some underwater caves by TAMUG researchers in the Bahamas could provide clues about how ocean life formed.



March 21 - It’s time to Celebrate Sea Aggies: Fifty years of leadership, research, learning and tradition at Texas A&M at Galveston.


April 23 - TAMUG Sea Life Facility announces winner of name of the rescued sea turtle contest


May 1 - TAMUG opens new $3M Student Services Center

May 1 - TAMUG students join Galveston residents to find and save endangered sea turtles.


June 6 - See the new training vessel story on KBTX. Check out their report tonight for more.

June 7 - See the new training vessel story on KBTX.

June 11 - Another story about the General Rudder, from our friends at KBTX.

June 18 - Here's a story, from WLOX in Mississippi, about our cadets training aboard the General Rudder.

June 19 - TAMUG Professor says early Gulf-formed hurricanes can be deadly…


July 2 - Texas A&M Marine Experts Take Discoveries To New Underwater Heights

July 11 - Texas Maritime Academy visits SETX

July 11 - Maritime training vessel gives glimpse of a seafarer's life

July 13 - Sea Aggie professor is recognized by the Smithsonian Institution

July 19 - Texas Gulf Coast Needs To Be Ready For Increased Shipping


August 8 - TAMUG to conduct summer commencement.

August 8 - Texas A&M taps Dr. Brody to lead new Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities.

August 14 - Galveston officials visit TAMUG

August 15 - Officers, crew of M/V Ocean Titan earn Top Honor from Chamber of Shipping of America for high-seas rescue.

August 29 - TAMUG weighs in flood-prone areas threatened by storms.


September 5 - College of Architecture partners with TAMU-G on coastal research institute.

September 10 - Texas A&M University at Galveston researchers use space technology along with historical plant and soil data to address impact of land use and climate change on coastal ecosystems.

September 10 - Dr. Bill Merrell says Ike Dike surge barrier would help protect all of Galveston from storms.

September 21 - TAMU-Galveston Celebrates 50th Anniversary

September 25 - Texas Maritime Academy, Forerunner To Texas A&M-Galveston, Commemorates 50th Anniversary



November 19 - Dutch Dike would work for Houston


December 12 - Commencement Ceremony held December 15

December 14 - Putting it on the line. TAMUG graduates receive Navy Commission.