President Smith invites you to discover the power of the sea at Texas A&M University at Galveston.


I’m honored to offer an overview of Texas A&M University at Galveston. Our campus stands as a seaworthy arm of Texas A&M. We’re a small, special purpose university dedicated to research, service and education on our coasts, waterways and oceans. A community of 2,500, located adjacent to the Houston/Galveston ship channels, we share a passion to work and study amid an ocean environment. 

And if you think about it, that’s pretty important. From 40 to 97 percent of life-sustaining and energy-producing elements come from the sea. Oceans power international trade, feed the world, and help create most of the oxygen we breathe. The sea absorbs toxins and provides energy that powers our way of life.

The ocean is our classroom, where students can conduct research 50 feet from a building or observe activities of some 3,000 energy-related companies, top oil and gas exploration and production firms and a nationally top-rated port of foreign waterborne tonnage.

Surrounded by water and maritime activity, our marine sciences and maritime studies students receive an education in the environment of their ambitions. As a top-tier university, we have high academic standards and a caring campus community. We are dedicated to student success. With about one professor for every 14 students, we offer attention to ensure success.

The university is home to internationally-renowned marine scientists who conduct world-class research. And, much of this research starts in our Gold Certified (LEED) Ocean and Coastal Studies Building. The facility is home to 17 marine science centers and research laboratories concerned with monitoring seafood safety and protecting sea life; building resilient coastal communities, and protecting wetlands, shorelines and bays as well as observing biogeochemical activities in oceans and waterways.

The university is also home to the Texas Maritime Academy—the only one on the Gulf of Mexico and one of only six state academies in the nation. The TMA provides cadets with practical experience in seamanship, navigation, and general operations to prepare them for license options as merchant marines or U.S. Naval officers for a host of land-based and sea-going jobs.

Upon graduation, our students are prepared for lucrative careers. They’re sought by some of the nation’s top companies with 95 percent having well-paying jobs within 90 days of graduation. Our business graduates on average earn starting salaries of $47,000, Navy and Merchant Marine officers typically start at $65,000 and engineering graduates on average start at $70,000. 

Beyond commanding impressive salaries, offering knowledge, skills and work ethic, Sea Aggies are known for excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service. Learn more about us. Browse through our website, contact our community. Discover the power of the sea at Texas A&M University at Galveston

— Rear Admiral Robert Smith III, President and CEO